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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Readphox, Sep 12, 2003.

  1. In my real life story i eat some good muchies when I am blazed. I was just wondering what ya'll favourite munchi is. I like eating cheesecake, lemon ice cake, frappachino, poptarts, and nice cold glass of mangofest from SmoothieKing. Please let me know about your best munchie experiences.
  2. Well, last night it was pretty simple. A ham and cheese sandwich with herb and garlic sauce stuff, some cake and a penguin. But my favourite of all time would have to be a mince roll that I had at a friend's house one time. That was insanely good!
  3. There's a stoner hangout in Telluride called "Downstairs Deli." They don't care if you come in stoned, and their chili dogs are my favorite munchie food.
  4. Chic-Fil-a chicken nuggets and sandwich and waffle fries!!! Banging!!
  5. my favorite munchies are ice cream bars and im high as hell
  6. my fav muncies are nacho cheese doritos, and vanilla coke

    mmmm good stuff
  7. My all time favourite munchies are;

    - Mini Cheddars!!! (they are the best!)
    - McDonalds (but you have to buy at least 2 ss meals to feel satisfied)
    - Bacon and Pepperoni sandwiches
    - and the classic PIZZA!! any topping!

    Had to do with bacon sandwiches last night though :( Gettin paid monthly is a b!tch!
  8. grilled cheses with tomatos in it. it taste so good.also pizza wiht bacona nd pineapple, and then theres always cream cheses and bread
  9. My favorite would definetly have to be goldfish crackers with grape koolaid or a nice philly cheese steak and lemon lime gatorade.
  10. everytime i get high i eat a shit load of packaged food, like these oatmeal squares and granola bars.... but whatever i gots in my house, i eat a massive amount of it
  11. my favorite munchies would have to definitly be..... pizzia cause we always get stoend then goto my friends and his dad always knows we have the munchies and orders usl iek 3 pizzias ahahah i guess he knows the feeling, i think he is a retired stoner :)
  12. i'm a junk food junkie!!!:D

    little debbie cakes and cookies are SOOOOO good! they keep calling my name.......

    candy - preferablly sour. haven't had a face- puckerer in a while....or jellybeans- the black ones are my favorite

    coke or coffee

    nacho cheese doritos, but the tangy salsa is pretty good

    :D i need to make a trip to the store LOL

    it's been such a great day. Happy Day everyone!!! :)
  13. Chocolate! chocolate! pizza! chinese crispy duck and pancake! Biscuits!

  14. haha, Telluride is awesome man
  15. Munchies, munchies, munchies.


    Pizza - Preferably Hawaian (Bacon/Pepperoni, Pineapple)

    Cereal - A huge bowl of Cocoa Pebbles or Lucky Charms

    Fast Food - McDonalds (I can't get enough of their fries when blazin)

    Chinese Food - Shang High Garden (I live in Seattle, and this is my favorite Chinese restaurant. The sesame chicken can't be beat. In China Town)

    Drinks - Pepsi, Coke, Sierra Mist, Mountain Dew Live Wire, Orange Soda (any kind) Dr. Pepper

    I just made myself hungry :)
  16. lately me and my new smoking buddy have been rollin up to 7-11 and gettting a bunch of 50 cent big gulps, burritos, gummy bears, those fruit pie things, and SOUR GUMMIE WORMS!!!!!!!!! those are the best!!!!!!!!!

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