Favourite meat?

Discussion in 'General' started by stoned_soldier, Jul 7, 2004.


Favourite meat?

  1. buck-ka!! cluck!! (chicken)

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  2. moooo!! (cow)

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  3. oink!! (pig)

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  4. baaaa!! (lamb)

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  1. I'm not including fish cuz there are so many types of fish. mackerel > sardines, tuna

    so what's your favourite meat?
  2. Man, this is an excellent post. :D

    Glad you didn't include fish. Fish sucks, in my opinion.

    Alright, I love chicken fingers and chicken wings. Plus chicken in pasta and what not, so thats definately an option.

    I love bacon and sausage, which I think both come from pigs? Where do hot dogs come from? If they come from pigs also, that could be a good choice. Shredded barbeque sandwhiches from the Dinosaur BBQ are insanely good too. And pork fried rice. :D

    And beef is awesome too. Hamburgers are great. Steak, especially a nice marinated flank stake. Japanese beef is really good too. Sausages might be from beef too. This is definately a possibility.

    Where does ham fit into all of this?

    I'll leave this poll open for now, once I get all the details in I'll pick my choice.

  3. goole ole AMERICAN GRADE A BEEF.

    ANGUS preferably.
  4. salmon rocks my socks... ? ...but anyway.... probably cow.. and then piggy....
  5. moo, oink....then cluck
    ham..... i believe falls into the oink catagory.
  6. all meat is good. mmmm flesh
  7. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM yummy meat !!!!!

    I can't decide????????

    Bacon is nice /?

    But so is steak;'./??

    Everything, yes I love meat no matter what animal it comes from, including rabbit, shark, armadillo and rattlesnake.

    I'm hungry now..
  8. All of the above..

    Seafood and fish also!!!
  9. definately beef. i live in good ole nebraska and i think it is one of those unwritten things that we HAVE to love beef.....which i do :) . we have one of the biggest and best suppliers of beef too..... Omaha Steaks.....they supply something like 70% of japans beef!?!?!?! dotn like fish...never really had a whole lot...my moms allergic soooo i dont really eat it. i used to eat fish sticks and shit but i hate fish in general. plus most fish that comes here is crap or really expensive cuz i live smack dab in the middle of the country.
  10. you should have put turkey as a choice. I eat a turkey sandwhich about 5 days a week. Easy and good. There is nothing like a deli style sandwhich when ur cooked.
  11. i like beef the best. :D its in tacos.

    and living in New England for my whole life, i of course, love the fucking seafood
  12. to me, nothing beats a perfectly cooked [rare] Ribeye Steak!! I could eat that everyday for the rest of my life.

    Being half latino, i enjoy a little thing called pernil which is pork shoulder. Very good.

    And being in New England, i love seafood very much. Especially lobster.

  13. Omaha Steaks are mad good. My friend has them stocked in his basement. The company comes out and refills his freezer every so often.
  14. I put cow, because generaly i like steak best, but it depends what kind of mood i'm in, lamb shanks are damned nice.

    Quite frankly, i think Macdonalds, and kfc and the like are a insult to the world of bovine products and other asorted meat delicacies
  15. Bison meat is my favorite. It's the most lean meat you'll ever have, good stuff!

  16. heayyyy ham comes from a pigs ass... mmmmmmm i love it!!
    but most of all i like a nice steak! no t-bones... i hate cuttin round the bones... but i really like all meat... only a little fish though..
  17. lamb or mutton l love it .:D

  18. I agree with this 100%
  19. i love me a steak..........my aunt makes the best christmas ham........rack of lamb........mmmmm i love fried chicken too.........i love it all..........
  20. i forgot to put turkey and remembered maybe 5 minutes after i posted.. salmon inspired this thread so you know ;)
    anyone like mussels? goooood stuff.. try them when you can.. but seafood generally is gross like squid and stuff.. ewwww


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