Favourite Games After Getting Ripped?

Discussion in 'General' started by Sebulous, Feb 21, 2016.

  1. Pretty much the title, what are your favourite games to play when you smoke up?. I personally like to smoke a few then load up Hearthstone or AoE2. LoL and DotA2 are fun but if you have a bad game it really kills your high, so I try to avoid them. Also, pretty much any co-op games with a bunch of friends.[​IMG]

  2. I like to play Civilization V and Battlefront while baked. My motor skills with Battlefront are fucked but it's still fun to go around shooting Rebel scum. B) A co-op game of Civ V is my favorite 'cause I admit I kinda become a bit of a sore loser when the AI civs take me over since I basically play as the economic and science powerhouse of the game. I put, like, no money into my military lol
  3. Manhunt was always fun.
  4. Super Mario 3
    Donkey kong 1-3
    Zelda OOT
    007 Golden eye
    Mario 64
    Banjo Kazooie lol
    Halo 1-3
    Conkers bad Fur day [​IMG]
    Dead Rising
    Gears of war
    Lol theres other too. I usually play games with my daughters dad and Kyra is learning as well.
  5. Duuuude Tonnni, I get the fuck down on some old '64 shit now.

    Extinction in ghosts,
    Nazi Zombies
    FF any...
    Chrono Trigger
    Twisted metal series
    THPS any
    Majoras mask, rollin around like a goron,
    007 Golden eye
    Guntlet Legends
    Lego Starwars

    Give me any game and some weed and a DR PEPPER and I am golden...
  6. You might not have meant it, but it does say "games".

    So, frisbee golf or frisbee horse is pretty damn awesome. Everyone knows how to play golf but frisbee horse is trick for trick. Behind the back, under the leg, spin-a-reef. Endless fun lol!

    Any old school RPG like D&D or gamma world. Even crazy ass home brewed stuff is crazy fun. The more baked you are the better the game becomes.

    Paper air planes. So it's not a "game" per say. But it is mother fucking fun to make and fly them around when you're baked. Be sure you have some tape and paper clips because the added weight does something magical.

    As far as video games go, anything super Mario, old school Galaga, pac man series and the like. We aren't allowed to talk about ROMs or ROM emulators, but ya, those lol! Like lol of the different versions of games you allready know. Super metroid becomes super hemroid lol! That's what I find funny when I am bake-a-fied!
  7. FIFA 16 Ultimate Team as of lately
  8. I forgot to add Mario Kart too.
  9. Who was that guy in that one movie that had that car that went really fast and there was a chick who was really hot but really bad at acting.
    What was the name of that one and that guy.


  10. Lol nice man [​IMG]
  11. Destiny or arkham knight
  12. u would be the only arkham knight
  13. far cry 4, fallout, just cause.. I like open world exploration type games when I'm stoned.
  14. I have been playing through bioshock lately, pretty cool. I never got to play it so I picked it up for cheap.
  15. +1 on those awesome games

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  16. 'Suspend', yo.

    Not a video game, but super fun. Kinda self explanatory


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  17. Kerbal Space Program and any racing simulation.
  18. Yes!! I play forza 5 with my wheel set up. Smoke a few bowls and go drift with some friends c:
  19. Counter-Strike
  20. Any game that let's me kill nazi's.[​IMG]



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