favourite game to play while high.

Discussion in 'General' started by Wizards, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. mine is prolly fallout ac3 and black ops 2, so blades what is it?;)
  2. I stoped playing games when I was 15. I tried to turn on my old xBox to play Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 about a month ago and it didn't work. So yeah, I still don't play games...
  3. vidjagames = life.
  4. I play BF3 with a good set of bass headphones. It feels like you are in the game.
  5. halo 3 or 4..guardians of middle earth I started playin..nba 2k is pretty fun and exciting. skyrim is amazing high lol
  6. while smoking this game where you ee how many times you can pull on the blunt/joint before exhaling or passing.

    chilling at the crib is deff afro samurai xbox game.
  7. Arts and crafts.

    We make bracelets and necklaces and all sorts of shit.
  8. Any Zelda. Every time they release a new Zelda I love getting stoned and exploring! Sends me back to childhood.
  9. Fallout for exploring although I never played it high but I know it would be boss. Far cry 3 was cool but I beat it. BF3 and BO2 search n destroy....basically any game but I love fps multiplayer
  10. I like playing American McGee's Alice :smoking:
  11. ufc undisputed 3
  12. NBA 2K13 & haxball
  13. Tetris. But when I lose I'm like
  14. currently theres not an amazing game out that everyones playing so im just playing black ops 2 these days...Bf3 is fun but after playing black ops i cant stand the gameplay of battlefield, in the new one i really hope they improve it so i can play it forever
  15. Ain't that the truth just wish it was on xbox. I bought a Wii just to play Ocarina of Time.
  16. runescape and porno
  17. After smoking, my roommates and I usually throw a small foam football around for awhile. It get's intense. Equally intense is the rps matches to decide who gets up to get the ball if somebody drops it.

    And Mario Super Sluggers. It's fun as hell.
  18. Mother fucking far cry 3 best game ive ever played its like skyrim on crack. God so worth the money. And if i just want to fuck around gta 4 is always fun. Virtual Senseless killing of innocents ftw

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