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favourite food when stoned

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by babiboi_04, Jun 16, 2004.

  1. What is everyones fav food to eat when high? like junk food fast food Full out diners or even get specific. mines proally like breakfast foods but i also think that every meal is uped by eating it stoned. Does your high kinda fade when you eat? mine does but i still love to eat stoned
  2. Of course your high fades. When you introduce any other fluids/foods to your body, it'll begin to dilute the THC in your bloodstream.

    What I eat? Whatever is around. Kinda lazy haha.
  3. We have vending machines all over and whenever I get high I will just buy 3 or 4 things and stuff my face...lately I havent had much in the house so Ive been stuffing my face with my protein bars for working out lol
  4. for the munchies it depends, if im with a few ppl we might order or make pizza, if im in the mood ill drive to wendy's and if im at the crib then i will definetly be eating rice krispy treats
  5. when i got the munchies i like eating pickle chips with orange soda who dosent love orange soda?

  6. pickle chips?? i dunno about those. Orange soda aint bad, but I prefer hawaiian punch. or Hi C punch.

    My favorite food is bbq hot pockets. Those are great when high. I also like ice cream.
  7. Munchies, that snack mix with like 5 different snacks in one bag is definatly the best thing to eat stoned cuz you can get like 5 tastes at once and its so amazing. especially the kids mix with captain crunch and m'n'ms.
  8. I used to LOOVe hot pockets whenever I would blaze but I think the best thing was a good IN-n Out burger.MMMM
  9. I try to avoid it all together because it lowers my high but sometimes i cant help it because im fat but when i do get muchies its whatever I find.
  10. Nothing better than a meaty pizza with extra cheese. If I don't feel like ordering anything, then I like those white castle burgers that you can make in the microwave.
  11. Eating def does bring you down faster so i usually wait...and to kill time sometimes i just go invent foods with whatevers in my kitchen and theyre always good when im high. One of my faves i made over last summer was chocolate chip pizza...hits the spot when I have the munchies
  12. I like all kinds of foods after i blaze. Pizza is good with a group, and cheez-its are really good and convenient too. I like burritos too, good shit
  13. Red-hot beef burritoes with cheeese and sour cream on top of them. With some tortilla chips.
  15. anything that i can get my hand on but i love the candy called Reasons they are the best when toakin up the refier
  16. I eat anything i would eat when im not messed up, steak, chicken, cake... you know the good stuff people eat when their not messed up. being messed up makes everything better so why not eat the best.
  17. Yea i agree as well
  18. I love stuff that goes with milk, like cookes or douhnuts or cake or pie or cookies almost any dough-product is a keeper in my book, they go so well with milk you know?
  19. I always eat a whole can of sliced pineapples. THen anything else.

  20. uh fuck i dunno im pretty baked i like chex mix and orange soda and a coke float and coke and pizza and cruncheros and uh fuck uh hamburgers and chips and coke fuck

    fuck just food lots of it i get hella munchies

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