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Favourite drug

Discussion in 'General' started by Kimborasta, Apr 29, 2004.


Favourite drug?

  1. Cannabis/Marijuanna

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  2. Mushrooms

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  3. Acid/LSD

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  4. MDMA/Ecstasy/Pill

    0 vote(s)
  5. Cocaine/Coke

    0 vote(s)
  6. Amphetamine/Speed

    0 vote(s)
  7. Tranquilizers/Downers

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  8. DXM

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  9. Ketamine/Special K

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  10. Opiates

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  1. i choose weed ofcourse... but only because i HATE comedown on pills. cocaine also sound amazing.
  2. Mary Jane, ofcourse. But, I have never tried any other drugs. I am realy interested in shrooms though. Me and a few freinds mite do them soon.
  3. the most fun i've ever had in my life was when i was on xtc... gotta vote it number one...

    i've only done it twice, if it was posible, i'd do some everyday like how i smoke weed..
  4. i choose ex
    too bad its so expensive
  5. Long term Cannabis is the best, but for a night's buzz it's got to be Ecstacy,it's such a cheap great feeling, cheaper than most alcohol for fuck sake over here, £3 a pill and goes down in price when more are bought.
    Mushrooms are good too though.
    Speed was a good too like.
  6. /me marks one for the opiate team

    never had heroin or nothin like that, not planning on it. but um.. man vicodin is awesome. highest i've ever been was from 25mg of hydrocodone.
  7. Ecstasy by far!! It makes me sooooo HAPPY

    I really wanna try acid and shrooms tho.

    DXM is pretty tight too!
  8. i'd never do that synthetic shit......

    imma take my pops words and stick to bud.......

    and shit, its all good if yall wanna take that other shit, thats u....but shit, arent we tryin to legalize bud???

    cus by the look of it, u guys are proving pot is a gateway drug........
  9. and how is that??
    how did them smoking weed lead them to other drugs?

    they like other drugs, and they have smoked weed before. wheres the link?? im sure all these guys eat pizza for dinner pretty often too. guess pizza must be a gateway too. riding the bus, same deal.

    Weed is not a gateway drug, it just naturally comes first. its the easiest to get, the lightest to use, and very cheap and easy, so highschool kids suit it perfectly.

    Other harder drugs just dont come around or get offered to little kids. so after a few years of smoking weed, then they might get an oppurtunity to do something more.

    weed was not a gateway, it was just there.
  10. Marijuana all the way, even though my recent experience with opiods was fun. My fav is always gonna be something that I won't be addicted to.

  11. Damn for real how can i put ne thing b4 mary jane? She has ALWAYS been there for me when others werent. I change my mind marijuana is betta. But E is good for everynow and then........

    Oh how i love weed :D
  12. I voted for the oh, so precious mary jane!
  13. well i dont count weed as a drug, but i would prbly pick it over anything unless i can get some acid, then theres no question bout it.
  14. In my mind, there isnt anything that even comes close to opiates.
  15. I love weed, but I gotta say there aint nothin better than mushrooms. Too bad they're so damn hard to find, its been like 4 months since last time I tripped. Havent tried E, LSD or opiates, so I cant really comment on those.
  16. I'm so grateful i live over here, I can legally walk into a shop and buy mushrooms, ain't it a great country :D

    "i'd never do that synthetic shit......

    imma take my pops words and stick to bud.......

    and shit, its all good if yall wanna take that other shit, thats u....but shit, arent we tryin to legalize bud???

    cus by the look of it, u guys are proving pot is a gateway drug........"

    What age are you? Get a grip of the real world, cannabis is not a gateway drug and never will be.

    And no i'm not trying to legalise bud and i'm pretty sure your not either, i'm just enjoying smoking it regardless of whether it's legal or illegal.
    And by taking other drugs isn't doing anything whatsoever to the legality of cannabis.

  17. cannabis? gateway drug?
    i know someone who tried cocaine before drinking.
    its true that most people who takes heroin and other hard drugs started off with weed...
    but only small percentage of people who smokes turn like that!
  18. pot = not "gateway" drug lol

    i voted shrooms cause thats the first drug i did and i love tripping them......i had a very hard time with this one because i love pot. But i also love shrooms

    but pot is defenitly not a Gateway drug. round here shrooms grow when ever it rains and i know a bunch of people you trip with me all the time and have never done weed. Plus where i used to live it was easier to get DXM than pot anyway you can just buy it over the counter.

    when it comes down to it what your refering to as a "gateway" drug is just what evers available. cause if you try a drug and you like it your gonna want to try another drug to see if you like it more. and honestly i dont think theres such thing as a gateway drug.
  19. Drugs and drugs and you just like to take them to get an effect, thats as simple as that.
  20. its definitely mj.....but shrooms are nice every now and then:)

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