Favourite blunt flavours?

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  1. We've all got our favourites!

    Personally mine are double platinum: strawberry&kiwI

    Juicy jays are banging too!

    Whats your favourite make/flavour?

  2. Double Platinum Cherry they taste amazing when you smoke certain strains with them :yummy::yummy:
  3. That the one with a funky name like very cherry? I don't think I've tried them cause I normally grab a juicy Jay cherry n vanilla when I get them!
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  4. Yeah thats the one bro very cherry :yummy:
  5. I was wrong just did I google search this is them bro called Wet Cherry

  6. Double platinum are the best I'm sure that tastes Danky!

    Sounds like an innuendo though hahahaha
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  7. Flavored blunt are for boo boo weed

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  8. What is boo boo weed :confused_2:
  9. Grape.
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  10. I just got back into blunts after years of not smoking them because I quit smoking tobacco, and blunts gave me a headache after I quit. That was until I found High Hemp wraps. 100% organic high cbd hemp with a bunch of traits people like (GMO free, Vegan etc.) Anyways, I REALLY like their Mango wrap. The honey (actually a honey substitute for the vegan smokers out there) is good too. I liked them so much that I bought a full box of each. I now have 100 blunt wraps to go through. Now you got me thinking about it...I guess I'll just have to make it 99.
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  11. Weed for boo boo's obviously... /s
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  12. peach swishers for sure
  13. Honey Pot Swirl High Hemp wraps. Best way to describe them is a blunt-joint.

    Not quiet as stout as a blunt but not as flimsy as a joint and without the tobacco which makes it better for me. Hate tobacco!

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