Favourite Atmospheric/Noise Songs?

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  1. Not sure if you would call them songs, but I love atmospheric noises when I'm high. I listen to nearly everything, but love metal. Just not sure what these songs are called, if they have a name.

    A couple of examples would be:
    Ions - Tool
    Refinery - Fear Factory
    the nameless city of the accursed - Nile
    Felix the Cat - Collide
    Toxygene - Orb (less atmospheric, but the beginning is really kewl)
    Ruins - Nile (far less atmospheric, but an incredible song, you must listen)

    Aphex Twin is notorious for putting out atmospheric/noise sounding songs because he's a synesthete, although he has a lot of electronic shit too.

    Please list your favourite astmos/noise songs or just help me find more. Thanks.
  2. I've never heard of this before... I'm gonna have to DL some of this and check it out.
  3. its refered to as noise. i was introduced to noise earlyer this summer and enjoy it, for the most part. and it is songs just to let you know, it has all the same elements as any other song
  4. I disagree with you. I don't think their songs. Lets consider the genre first. Its called noise. The very definition of noise is that it is random and without purpose. A lot of the noise pieces I listen to are exactly that, utterly random.

    I guess this is where you can draw the distinction between atmospheric and noise. Atmospheric music definitely has direction.
  5. I have some random contributions you may like:

    Anathema - Childhood Dream
    Victor Wooten - More Love
    Ulver - Hallways of Always
    Thievery Corporation - 2001 Spliff Odyssey

    Only the first one really fits the bill of "noise" to me, I like melodies in my music. Have you ever heard Idioteque from Radiohead? Just wondering. :D
  6. Noise DEFINTELY has direction and intent. While it may not seem that way, it's definitely there to invoke a feeling or thought. Try Black Dice or Yellow Swans for some electronica and rock (respectively) that borders on noise, usually abrasive and chaotic (but maybe not, depending on which album you're listening to). A band called Belong has more shimmery guitar noise that is very pleasing to listen to as well.
  7. You guys make me laugh. This is not noise music. The bands you listed are mosty progressive, industrial metal bands.

    Edgard Varese, LaMonte Young, John Cage, John Zorn, the Boredoms, the entire NO WAVE scene, etc etc.

    THATS real noise music...look it up. It's been around since the 1920s and still flourishes in Japan and Downtown NYC.

    Sure, bands have used some of the aspects of this in their music. Converge, the Pixies, The Jesus and Mary Chain, etc etc but I wouldn't call them Noise.

    Aphex Twin IS an electronic musician. His cd Drukqs has direct nods to John Cage and noise in it...if you want music like his that is even MORE abrasive, check out Venetian Snares.

    Any band that uses synths or experiments with timbre could be considered "atmospheric"...sort of a redundant statement to make. Many electronic artists could be considered "atmospheric"

    If any of you really care to learn about what Noise music was and still is to this today, read this:

  8. Blue Sabbath Black Cheer
    Hair Police
    Wolf Eyes
    Dead Machines

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