favourite anti-drug slogan...

Discussion in 'General' started by Zylark, Apr 13, 2003.

  1. we've all seen 'em. anti drug posters. fools passing out flyers against a harmless herb etc.

    my favourite of these gotta be a poster i have that reads "Marijuana gives a limp banana..." (translated from norvegian, "marijuana gir slapp banana")

    exactly which planet do these people live on?
  2. Up with Hope! DOWN with the Dope!
  3. lol, an old anti pot commercial some guy goin "the wacky weed, it is bad. believe in this, ask your dad!"

    and then theres the classics "harmless?" and "this is your brain on drugs"
  5. Gotta be "Just Say No." I was still at an impressionable age
    when they brainwashed me with this fucking slogan.
    Waited till I was out of highschool before I tried the herb.
    Wasted at least three prime weed smokin years just saying no.

    My least favorite, however, is "So it's OK to support terrorism
    just a little?"
  6. my favorite is "its more harmful then we all thought" its the most futile attempt to make an obviously harmless euphoria inducing substance look bad. they mine as well say "we dont have a whole lot of information on it....but its probably bad for you"

  7. Dammit! That was my favorite too!
  8. lol

    hate that one

    Im gonna make my own commercial..n when it says harmless..? after that it'll say

    sure is! :)
  9. I saw one somewhere that said, "You don't have to be high to catch the rainbow" It was just about the dumbest thing that I have ever seen!
  10. my favorite one to laugh at is when the 2 guys r high and are in an office sitting down, when one boy shoots his friend..... YAH RIGHT!!!!! NO FUCKING STONER IS GONNA BE TOO FUCKED UP ON WEED, TO REALIZE THAT THEY ARE SHOOTING THEIR FRIEND!!!!!!!1 FUCKING GAY ASS COMMERCIALS!!!!!!! SUCK MY BOY FRIENDS COCK!!!!!!!!

  11. lol....lol..... so sorry man..........

    Favorite anti slogan = definately the " this is your brain on drugs" or " don't be thugs, down with drugs"......

    Favorite pro slogan = Why go to High
    school? when you can go to School High... I mean think about... you go to school high; get high scores...

    but guys/girls read this... I didn't post the link because it's short and great ( next to the guy got time ) and I don't like alot of links....

    Moran hacks anti-drug Web site, gets nine months jail time
    The Associated Press
    Volume 86 Number 43
    Monday, March 12, 2001

    CONWAY, N.H. A teen-age computer hacker who defaced Web sites was sentenced Friday to nine months behind bars and was ordered to help program the jail's computers.

    Dennis Moran, 18, who went by the online name Coolio, broke into an anti-drug Web site and another site operated by an Internet security company. The anti-drug site was defaced with pro-drug slogans and images, including one of Donald Duck with a hypodermic syringe in his arm.

    Prosecutors have said Moran also hacked into Web sites for four military bases but never saw any of their classified material.

    Moran, who was a 17-year-old high school dropout when he committed the crimes, pleaded guilty in January to misdemeanor charges of hacking.

    He was also ordered to pay each victim $5,000.

    The break-in at the anti-drug site occurred at about the same time as major disruptions of sites such as Yahoo! and eBay. Moran allegedly had bragged about those attacks but later said he had only been joking. A Canadian teen-ager was later charged with disrupting eBay and Yahoo!


  12. lol. like the one where it says "tested positive for marijuana". its like, he might have somed like a month ago and it would have showed up positive:mad:.
  13. "Drugs are Only for Thugs, so think before you take those Lugs"
  14. In an old magazine I used to have, they had an ad in there that had "100 Cool ways to say no to marijuana" and here were some of them:

    Grass is for mowing, not smoking.
    I'm high on life.

    And a bunch of other ones I can't remember, but here is my all time favorite (also from the same ad)

    POOF! I mean c'mon, WTF? How is saying POOF going to tell someone off? More like beat your ass or think you're a weirdo... lol.
  15. POOF??? POOF? POOF?

    Someone said that to me Id light one up and hand it them... I'd be.... here poof on this man... lol....

    POOF??? what the heelll does that mean.... POOF.... You know thats going to keep me up all ngiht now.... POOF>>??
  16. lol

    poof, poof, paaaass

    it's just like puff, puff, pass only in slo-mo

    sounds more like a pro-drug slogan to me


    do you poof

    had any good poof lately

    i got some killer poof man

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