Favorite zombie movie of all time?

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  1. So what's yalls favorite zombie movie of all time? I'm a zombie movie enthusiast and these are my favorite types of movies. My favorite zombie movie would have to be the original dawn of the dead. I don't really like the re makes of dawn of the dead or land of the dead, especially land of the dead that one sucked dick. But I think the tv show the walking dead portrays the whole zombie apocalypse the Best, that's probably because it's a tv show and they have time to have all these social problems and stuff, and movies only have like 2 hours max.

    My favorite foreign zombie movie would have to be this one French one, I can't remember the name of it but this chick and her boyfriend are hiding in this hospital and it's basically about the boyfriends transformation into a zombie, the hospital eventually gets attacked by more zombies and there's a couple other people but it's pretty good. Then theres another French one that's called the horde which I liked also. I also saw dead snow which is a Swedish (I think) zombie movie about these kids that go skiing and they get attacked by nazi zombies lol.
  2. 28 days later and 28 weeks later because I like when zombies can actually run full speed. Hell of a lot more scary.

  3. How did I forget those... I like 28 weeks later but they're both really good
  4. Yeah 28 days the closest logical one.

    I wantto make my own movie, realistic infections would mean humans wouldn't last a week due to parasites, mites, mosquito and a million other pathogens/parasites that constantly live around humans, we'd be screwed if it really happened.
  5. 28 days is infected not zombies. theyre living breathing human beings with a disease similar to rabies.

    dawn of the dead is the best one imo. but i liked the entire romero series aside from the one where they tried to reboot the series.
  6. I don't know if these count as zombie films, but The Evil Dead and The Evil Dead 2 are up there.
  7. gotta go w/ 28 series too

    i want 28 months!

    the opening scene to 28 weeks is still aweome
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    Evil Dead

    Its Bruce Campbell at his finest.
  9. It's hard to say. I actually liked the Dawn of the Dead remake a lot..

    Colin was an interesting flick. Tells a story of a guy turning into a zombie and it follows him around. It was kinda poorly done, and it is low budget, but still kinda interesting.

    I have The Horde and Fido, but I haven't got around to watching them yet. I will today or tomorow.

    Diary of the Dead was also a very interesting idea that was executed somewhat poorly.. but it still has some great moments and if you're a zombie fan it's for sure worth checking out.
  10. Zombieland, Its entertaining.
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    I'm watching The Horde as I write this. Shit's pretty crazy. The zombies run (but they're dead, not just infected like 28 days) and are strong as fuck. In other zombie flicks it's like they eat people out of instinct as it's all they know or something. The zombies in this are more hellbent on eating you. With how strong they are they almost come off as some sorta "special infected" rather than just zombies.

    Not sure how good this movie is yet, but so far it's not terrible. And lol at the scene towards the start where they shoot a zombie over 100 fucking times and don't kill it so they figure it makes sense to just try to beat the shit out of it.

    This film has some good characters. The bad guy who's the leader of his gang at the start is such an awesome character. He handles shit like a fuckin pro haha. This is on netflix instant stream, and it's worth checking out

    I love zombie shit so much.

    A while back I watched a newer film called The Dead. It was set in 3rd world part of Africa and had awesome scenery. Don't let that interesting bit fool you. Acting sucked, dialog was garbage, and the Zs walked slower than a fucking turtle with a broken leg (srsly yo).
  12. Original Dawn Of the Dead.

    Bar fucking none.

    But the original Night Of The Living Dead is always classic
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    colin was by far the most awful piece of bullshit i have ever watched.

    and the Dawn of the Dead remake was pretty good, i liked when they had that "Down with the Sickness" remake in classical or jazz or whatever.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBOpk33VlSg]"Down With The Sickness" (dawn of the dead version) - YouTube[/ame]

    now i am downloading The Horde.
  14. The Horde has some really dumb parts.. especially towards the end.

    Haha and if you think Colin is the worst you've seen, check out The Dead. It makes Colin look good. That Colin flick was shot with like, what was it... a $100 budget? Not bad considering that.. but still, if you're gonna make a low budget film that looks like shit you gotta have things that make up for it. Colin really didn't. Had a good plot idea but it was so poorly executed =(
  15. Tabarnak la film est en francais.

    theres a goddamn reason i dont live in quebec, La Horde.
  16. I don't know about my favorite, but the worst I've seen is called undead. It's a low budget Australian film, where the zombies have something to do with aliens, or some shit. It's one of those movies that are so bad that they're funny.
  17. The night of the living dead was great, but the original dawn of the dead kicked off my love of zombie flicks.:hello:
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    either 1978 dawn of the dead or 1984 day of the dead the remakes of these movies fucking sucked and put the series to shame the new zombie movies focus mainly on cool gore effects and that pretty much it but the original romero zombie movies actually have an under lying theme and social commentary which is why i love them so much (28 days later is a people with rabies movie cant really be considered the living dead cause there not dead)
  19. I dont know why people even draw the line on shit like that. Any movie with altered humans going mad and attacking other normal humans in hordes, I consider a zombie movie.

    How the disease works doesn't matter if the bulk of the movies are the same.

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