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      World War two was a global war that involved 30 different countries and over 100 million combatants. WW2 is prolly the deadliest conflict in human history with over 50-75 million fatalities and the only war to involve nuclear weapons.
      With so many people and cultures impacted there are alot of stories to tell.  Film has brought many of these stories to light in unforgettable ways for future generations to realize how important and horrific this war truely was.
    Some of my favorite movies are about World War 2.
    in no particular order
    Saving Private Ryan
    Empire of the Sun
    Schindler's List

    What are the Blades/your favorite WW2 films?

  2. The Dam Busters - still a pretty awesome flick.
    The Bridge on the River Kwai is another classic one.
    You mentioned Downfall already, but that is a serious must-watch for sure.
    Can't finish this post without mentioning Das Boot. Dang, that was an amazing film.
    Sometimes ya gotta lighten up though, right?
    Best WW2 comedy TV series ever: Hogans Heroes
    Out of the whole lot, though, my fave film set in that era is Judgement At Nuremberg. It asks a lot of very interesting questions, and raises complicated issues. Great film, and it even has Captain Kirk and Colonel Klink in it! (well, the actors) :love:
    Gotta say, though, they sure made awful trailers back then!
  3. Glad to see the Thin Red Line on ya list, as just saw a doc about Guadalcanal mentions the author of the book then stumbled across the 2007 movie, great really great how those naive marines thought of the yellow peril ....lol 
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    right on!  some great mentions
       Das Boot was  truly an epic movie.  The director, Wolfgang Peterson,  was really  able to captivate an audience with this submarine flick.  The beginning scene where they all get smashed before launch is classic.
    Guadalcanal was a true turning point for the Pacific War, a very intense battle as Japanese soldiers were fanatic killers but the Marines stood their ground.  Gaining a foothold in the Pacific and preventing an Australian invasion.
     Had to watch The Thin Red Line a couple times to really appreciate it. 
    watched a great Polish  film today based on a true story
    In Darkness
    A sewer worker in the Polish city of Lodz helps some Jews escape the ghetto. 
    Into the sewers they hide, facing a stinky and desperate fight for survival.
    Fantastic film, check it out!
    . Werner Klemperer was a real refugee from Nazi Germany who emigrated to the US permanently after Hitler's rise to power in 1934. A Jewish refugee, he served in the US Air Force during World War II and subsequently landed stage and TV roles, the most famous was of the goofy Col. Klink on the immensely popular sitcom Hogan's Heroes. He allegedly refused to portray a Nazi unless he was assured the character would be a buffoon or a complete scoundrel. The son of renowned composer-conductor Otto Klemperer, he was an accomplished violinist and later found fame as a narrator with many renowned orchestras. Howard Caine also went on to find fame by his appearances as the villainous Maj. Hochstetter in Hogan's Heroes as well as on the stage on Broadway and elsewhere.(wiki)
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    ONLY THE BRAVE,it"s based on a true story about.....1943, over 10,000 Japanese American men from Hawaii and the internment camps volunteered for the segregated 442nd Regemental Combat Team and the Military Intelligence Service of the U.S. Army to fight the Nazis.
    You also have Saving Private Ryan....
    Midway,  A real Classic..
    Patton,Another Calssic About a true American..The man Genral Patton....
    Memphis Belle...
    I can go on and on.....
  7. Me and my original self just love Saving Private Ryan
    Watched it today actually, I could be a little more original if it weren't the freshest movie on my mind. Forgot how powerful it was though, theres a reason its so famous.
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    listening to an audiobook called Just Americans thats about the 442nd right now.  Starts out in Hawaii as alot of Japanese Americans lived there.  I guess the mainland and Hawaiin Japanese didnt get along that well in basic training.... still in the beginning
     First watched Saving Private Ryan on Memorial Day way-back-when with my Dad.  First scene/ D-Day is intense!
    My grandfather served in the US Navy Seabees in the Philippines.
    There is a great movie called Back door to hell set in the Philppines during WW2 staring Jack Nicholson.

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