Favorite World of Warcraft Zones Based Solely on Ambiance and Scenery

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  1. Forget quests and raids and shit, what zones do you love just for the artistry and vibe. Post screen shots!
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    The Netherworld.
    Everything is just so.... purple and hazy.
    Just the way I like my nugs.

    There weren't any good screenshots on google images but its that zone where you run TK back in BC
  3. Nagrand has always been my favorite.
  4. All of northrend
  5. i love Nagrand, and STV.
  6. yeah I'd go with STV too

    that place was intense back in vanilla
  7. Grizzly Hills
  8. I always liked the look of the undead starting area. Very gloomy and unique.
  9. STV will forever be my favorite.
  10. Tanaris before the Cataclysm, there's something that zone possessed that was unmatched by any other area.
  11. Ashenvale, lol but cant forget the STV bridge tolls! lol
  12. Hillsbradfoot hills and mulgore are.my favorites
  13. STV was my favorite
  14. Nagrand was always my favorite leveling zone from bc def.

    I loved wintergrasp, all of the old zones really. Not now..but back then they were so populated and thriving was good times.
  15. Hellfire Peninsula
  16. My favorites were:

    Storm Peaks
    Hellfire Penninsula
    Grizzly Hills
    Howling Fjord
    Netherwing Ledge
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    From the original WoW I'd have to say STV or Thousand Needles.

    Burning Crusade I'd have to go with Netherstorm or Nagrand.

    Wrath of the Lich King is a tough one. I liked Dragonblight and Sholazaar Basin a lot, but I'd have to say Icecrown was my favorite.

    Cata is tough. I loved Mt. Hyjal, Uldum because of the Egyptian theme, and Vasj'ir.

    Other favorites would be Org, Undercity, Hellfire Penn., Zangarmarsh, Un'Goro Crater, and a few others I can't remember the names of.

    I miss WoW, I wanna start playing again lol

  18. I think u mean Netherstorm:rolleyes::bongin::smoke::smoking:

  19. If the new expansion came out at the beginning of the summer I would def play for the summer, but it won't be out til after University starts up again, and then I'll be too busy partyin to play WoW =(
  20. night elf starting area for sure

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