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  1. Whats your favorite word to use...

    You know that word that you use any chance you get.. Mine would have to be shenanigans or hooligans I like malarkey to

    so lets see your favorite words & such
  2. most def. "fuck"

    love puttin the emphasis on the F especially when im angry....talk about catharsis

  3. well seeing that my name is kyle labbe and i live in riverside ri. I will stalk you.
  4. synergy, hullabaloo, moist, symbiotic
  5. Pack Another bowl dude, Is my most favorite and but i tend to use the word Fuck alot .... ALOT
  6. There's too many

  7. indeed, indubitably
  8. my favorite words aren't all that special but i have a little cousin who won't stop working the words "penis extention" into everyday conversation with EVERYONE. even clerks at stores.
  9. Definitely fuck
  10. fuck

    Magical is my top sarcastic response. I say it to everyone. The other day, I smoked a bowl in my car on a "cigarette break" an hour before I left work. As I was leaving I was still a little blazed and said it to my boss, he didn't catch it though. I didnt let anyone know I quit cigs so I could slip out for the occasional bowl. :D

    My boss: your sales were pretty good this week, but I think you can do better.

    Me: (smart ass tone) Thats magical, I'll catch you tomorrow.

    He was just like what? and then got in his car... it was hilarious.
  11. mine is razmataz or i use dip as a verb for almost everything
  12. Rofl thats awesome
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    I like the words bitch, fuck, twat, cunt, snow, dank, and nignog, ni*gajigga
    Even if some are racist, i never use them as a racist word, i never call people any of the above words if they who would be offended.
  14. those are some shlip-shlop words
  15. Friends of mine have commented that I say 'Indeed' far too much. I'm not sure it's my favorite word, because I never realize when I do it.

    I say "Fuckin' A" like a fuckin' sailor, though.

  16. non-negotiable.

    I was on molly a few nights ago and saying that just rooollllled offf the tongue

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