Favorite Weeds Character

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  2. Doug is my man.
  3. ^^ Yup Doug here too
  4. Definitely either Andy or Doug, both are hilarious.
  5. Viva EL ANDY !!!
  6. I agree. He was the least douchey character.
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    Want some avocado? Got that good fat * throws knife into buddys thigh*
  8. Andy....

    Reminds me of me, my type of humor
  9. UTURN is mad funny "shut the fuck up!" hahaha
  10. I was so pissed when U Turn died after like 5 episodes, the show still might have been saved if Nancy had stuck with him.
  11. Doug is easily my favourite.
  12. Doug all the way. There was a kid a while back at my highschool that looked like shane. It was kinda freaky at the time.
  13. snoop d o double gizzle
  14. U Turn and Doug are both hilarious.
  15. Doug or Andy hands down

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