Favorite Weed Songs

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  1. whats ur favorite songs about weed?
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    Riders on the Storm

    enjoy and toke it easy!
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  3. Favourite song about weed: The Beatles - A Day in the Life

    Favourite song when smoking weed: Frank Zappa - Who Needs the Peacecorps
  4. Fave song about weed is Hits from the bong by Cypress Hill, I bought an entire album of thiers just for that song.

    Fave song to get high to is either Echos, by Pink Floyd (on Meddle) or And You And I by YES (on Close to the edge).

    Fave band to get high to ... hmmm... probably the moody blues.
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  5. fav for getting high to would be house of pain by GENITOURTERS ( I spelt that wrong)

    Fav Band for getting high Drop KICK Merphys

    Fav album to get high to go to go with TOOL amima (man I can't spell)

  7. I would say YESSS to Riders on the Storm... And of course Wish you Were Here by Pink Floyd... Anything Bob Marley or Sublime... Battle of Evermore (Led Zeppelin) is best when played stoned and outside under the stars... But then again so is Whole Lotta Love...
    I could go on forever ~ I am a music freak!
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  8. "Blue Monday" by New Order. Also, Gary Numan,Ramones, and The Clash.

    I should say that a song does not have to be 'about' weed for it to be a weed song for me but what I like to hear when stoned.
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  9. The Doors - "The End"

    It's not about weed but it trips me out when I'm high. I love The Doors . They were and still are a kick ass band . :)
  10. ok here is one I'll bet very few of you have heard of. One of the best reefer songs ever.

    Here is the albumb cover:

    The song is called "strike a match and light another..."

    They recored this album in 1970. Every song on it is killer.

    part of inside cover:
  11. I couldn't think of just one song but this album has to be one of my favorite reefer albums. Dr. Hook - Revisited. Lots of good songs on it. Check it out.

  12. Haha, nice, eome. Homegrown kicks ass, and The Pot Song is really good live too :)
  13. Everytime there's a smoking session and someone puts on The Doors, I have to leave the room to not feel like I'm a walking cliche. Give me Kyuss any time, but please leave the lizard king to rest...
  14. the best song would have to be "who's got the herb" by 311 but "cheeba cheeba" by tone loc is really good too...

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  15. good choices all....I'd have to say Mary Jane by Rick James or Kaya by Bob Marley. Hydroponic by 311 is a good one too.
    And then there's anything off of Dark Side of the Moon which is good to smoke to.

    Peace, love, and ganja!

  16. thanks for reminding me of hydroponic by 311, that songs awesome too, i can't believe i forgot it.. i must of been real high when i posted last... or maybe i still am... i can never tell anymore... oh and another one i just remembered "smoke two joints" by sublime, great song that i had forgotten... at leasst i know the weed is working, :)
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  17. Best song to listen to when baked is "One" by Metallica with the San Francisco symphony. The helicopter in the beginning is awesome. The syphony is actually making that sound. It is really fuckin' cool. And I am really fuckin' baked.


  18. ohh yeah you guys are right 311 hydroponic and who's got the herb are a few of my favorites - saw them in concert @ the warped tour, only a couple songs but well worth it...

    also~ hell yeah on the metallica one with the SF symphony, i'm really baked too~ :)

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