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Favorite weed and why?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by CrazyDaisy, Jan 17, 2014.

  1. What's your ffavorite toking tools? Weed? Sativa/Indica?
  2. Indica because it doesn't mess up my mind.
  3. I like that kind that gets you high. But to be more specific, I like to smoke mids and my choice of fire would be a good sativa like GC and Sour D. I recently got a new glass bong and it's pretty epic been enoying that though I've also come to thoroughly enjoy rolling and smoking a J. My favorite tools are my bong, my glass pipe and something to roll with.
  4. Also my favorite tool is a spoon
  5. What.
  6. I enjoy Sativa strains the best, Blunts are the best way to toke up :smoking: however I love bongs :bongin: , the best strain I've had was mango kush or northern lights <3  :hippie: 
  7. Yeah I'm sure a lot of people will shun me for not hating mids but it's still weed, still gets you high. why can't we enjoy all the weeds man not just the super high quality ones. 
  8. I mean we've all had to get mids before and imo they are fine (If bought by the right person) but it takes like 3 gars or 4-5 bowls to get me stoned off mids, so I don't HATE them I just don't like them that much.   :confused_2:
  9. Since switching fully to oil I have noticed that any really good quality dewaxed/fat oil is my favorite. Fully being able to taste each strain is something you can't achieve with bud. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  10. Wow..u actually said what was on my mind! I was going to say I love a nice blunt and my fav strain is Mango Kush, Northern Lights. I wud also add White Widow, Swazi and Utopia Haze to the list.

    "Everything is better when u are high"
  11. Favorite strain, Northern Lights, favorite tool, bong. 
  12. I love sweet kushy buds and i cant help but love a good OG fuel bud. 
  13. Anything Jack Herer, Love the taste and the high.
  14. I like Green weed is the best.Preferably green.Green.Gren.Gran.Gan.Gandalf.~1996 Jiggawattz~
  15. [quote name="SantiagoDunbar420" post="19356016" timestamp="1389934906"]Favorite strain, Northern Lights, favorite tool, bong. [/quote]Speaking of northern lights this is some I just had and it was top 3 bud of all time ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1389988717.763140.jpg Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  16. Favorite strain is super lemon haze or some ogkush. Favorite way to smoke? Joints

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