Favorite weapon of choice? and why?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by Spazmatik420, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. Hey everyone i wanted to start a serious coversation about peoples favorite weapon of choice and why? I will start off by saying i love bongs and a i own a roor but also blunts and gasmasks are my favorite too. I own a ton of pieces from bowls to bongs to gasmasks... u get the i idea... i am srry if i am ramblining but i am really blowed. My name is EBO (ezy bake ovn) but spazmatik420 is my live tag so to all the stoners out there it is easier to realize.... anyways i would have to say a bong is my weapon of choice. now since this is the advance toker class so i must say also glass on glass is my favorite. bongs are nice and powerful and the water filters out the bad shit. it has to have ice though. Micheal Phelps smokes out of a roor common!!!!
  2. vap. little smell. pure THC
  3. I love my vape, then probably my bong and steamroller. Hmmm blunts are great for cruising places
  4. Hell yea man i wus gonna get a vap in fl. but my girl got me a gasmask for christmas and a chorinum grinder. Wut kinda of vap should i get that my next thing in mind?
  5. I like joints because of their convenience. I can go out not having to carry a bulky pipe and weed. Or a small pipe that can fit in my pocket.

    BUbblers when Im at my pad and wana chill. I personally love the simplicity of bubblers and the chill high they give.

    And ofcourse my bong because everyone always needs that little extra punch.
  6. If i were to get a bubbler i would totaly go all out for the first one i smoked out of it wus massive and two chambers never seen another one like it again though. joints r good for long road trps but i bring my bong for the ktime i am on vacation. i got it in NYC on a vist to my rents for 1e0 bucks. my girl who is due on 4/20 this year walked 100 blocks with me to go get it. i drove back from connicut with it packed all the time with ice in it took me an extra 5 hrs. to get there haha i wus so blowed
  7. I prefer brass knuckles,
    but often carry a 7" switch as well...;)
  8. igloo u didn't tell us y though :D
  9. I love joints and bubblers. Bubblers are so chill. I agree with this other guy talkin bout em, they are just really chillax and they smoke well and they make me feel in control because of the size,

    Bubblers all the way
  10. Vaporborthers is my first choice. If i'm around some friends that have a bong or bubbler I'll choose one of those.
  11. Id take a bong, They can get you higher then an SR-71 could and that bubbling noise is like music to me :smoke:

    Matter of fact i just finished doing so and i have to say im more stoned then montezuma :p

    Peace and happy toking GC'er's
    The Jester:smoke:
  12. glass on glass or downsteam?
  13. aw shucks.. i was about to say my 12 gauge shotty.. but my favorite smoking weapons are my chillum, and sneak-a-toke
  14. well right now MY favorite wepon is a glock 45 with a 13 round clip with halos and a 10 round backup clip with full metal jackets....45 cal but i would have to say perced an defused 1 footer and blunts the new white grape white owls are bangin and games are the shit to anyone like games
  15. Well probably bongs because they are convenient, you can produce a bong anywhere and they're easy to smoke in public inconspicuously, and they are fun to pull. I don't really rate those stem shotty things where you pull the cone piece out to whip it coz it's just not the same. I prefer powerade bottles because the plastic is the perfect density and thickness, and I always put my shotty down the bottom, finger or thumb doesn't really bother me as long as its reasonably close to the water, but not too close because things just get devestating. And I prefer a metal stem over hose because I'm not down for smoking rubber lol.

    I don't smoke joints because it's just the way I was brought up, I don't know of anybody who smokes joints, in fact the thought of smoking joints is almost inconceivable because it's just not the way things are done here. But I guess I come from a different culture than most of you guys. I only smoke joints in shisha bars, concerts and clubs for fairly obvious reasons, though have been known to bull a bong on the dancefloor in my jacket lol.
  16. bomb jacket.

    what? im mooslim

  17. when it comes to conceiled weapons I would never personally pull a weapon on someone unless they pulled one on me, in which case it would just be a dog act and not a fair fight from the start so I'd opt for pepperspray and then stomp the cunt when he's on the ground for being such a rat.

    But I'm not a violent person so I'll just stick with the billies :)
  18. I use my Volcano most of the time but for when I'm on the go I have a glass chillum.

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