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Favorite ways to smoke.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Tarantaya, May 11, 2006.

  1. Hey, i was just wondering what your favorite ways to smoke are. For myself, i usually like to mix it up with a vaporizer and a blunt/ or a water bong...but you gotta have ice.
  2. I do mix it up all the time, but my preferred method will always be smoking a joint. I love me a gooooood joint! :hello:
  3. ice bong is definitely my favorite.

    but i have been hand rolling the tobacco out of these grape white owl cigarrillos, stuffing them back up with bud, and putting a nice filter on there lately. fits about 2-3 grams in there.

    a very nice smoke.

    but ice bong still takes the cake.

    my dealer has a perc with an ash and ice catcher. it hits like air.
  4. Bluntbluntblunt! :)
  5. BONG. i love smoking out of a bong. good, clean, BIG hits ya dig?
  6. I <3 me a Nice THICK BLUNT.
  7. bongolious
  8. u cant rly beat a nice bong rip but if i cant take it with me i love persie joints .....if im chillin with ppl a fat blunt is always niceee
    problem is i cant rly walk around without a rolled up joint and not smoke it its just too hard
    yea i have no self control
  9. about 50/50 with bongs and joints.

    Pipe on the rare occasion, when im without papers and the bong is at home. I'm always surprised at the harshness.

    Then there is the blunt, which used to be weekly, but falls less frequently all the time.
  10. I'm gonna say it's 50/50 between bongs and joints too. I like my dugout a lot but I wouldn't say it's my favorite way to smoke. Maybe that's just because I do it so much.
  11. Out of a shoe....

    Joints > all
  12. dude, me too. i always have a harsh smoke out of a pipe...
  13. From highest to lowest...


    never tried a vap
  14. I would say my fave is to rip the bong, but I like a vap, it just blows my mind, plus i don't have one to use all the tyme I have just tried one. Every once in a while I like to hit my glass pipes(dry), but I like the bongs more. Joints r the shit if you know how roll em' , blunts r cool too I just like to smoke them in crouds mostly, unless I can take the whole thing to the head, HAHA! Blaze one JOE>
  15. I have to say my favorite way to smoke is to fire up my purple bong, once the bowl's finished i toke out of my reallly nice bronze chillum (w/ built in grinder!)

    I picked up my bong on vacation to the virgin islands, i was in a head shop checking it out and the black-rastafarian store owner told me i could HAVE IT FOR FREE cuz of a tiny crack in the base (doesnt affect anything just looks) I was soo happy

    to give the guy some business I bought the chillum from him

    The best bongs are free bongs. Especially when they come from a real Rastafarian! :)
  16. Bonging it all the time.
  17. a chillum with a built in grinder? explain how that works...
  18. my favorite way to smoke is a Gbong then in a close second a regular bong :bongin:

    but i sure as hell am not gonna pass up anyother way :smoke:
  19. hey you can never go wrong with a fat blunt.
  20. id say blunt but thats cause i never used ice in a bong i have to try that

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