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Favorite way to toke?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Memnon, Jan 14, 2001.

  1. Starting up a few discussions here on these fine boards, and I thought that we all might enjoy just elaborating on our favorite way to toke...or rituals we have when smoking up.

    Personally, when me and a certain group of friends go out, we all get on the phone together and hit our vaporizers at the same time, then we all hook up at my place until we go wherever it is we're going.

    Vaporizers, bowls, and bongs are- as most know- the most efficient smoking methods, but every now and then I love rolling a fat joint and just puffing away.

    So...spread the word and let's see what some of the more creative things you can come up with are!
  2. I started a thread on this topic under recreational use on January 11, but I'll leave this one open. I have redirected any traffic from my old thread to this one and closed my thread. Carry on, my friends!

    (My old thread is here if you want to check it out so I don't have to repeat myself on this forum.)

    I like joints!

    Peace [​IMG]

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  3. i thought this look familer! any way, i like to toke from my hookah. sometimes ill take the bowl off my hookah and just toke from that, yea it gets hot after a while but, i dont know, i like that.


  4. Well as you may already be aware, I am currently in the process of bringing a new Vapourizer onto the market. I personally like the vapourizer for its potency. I have likened it to "free basing" marijuana. I find the high is cleaner and the next day I feel less stupid. However, all that being said I still enjoy the joint. I know that the Vapourizer can't compete with this tried and trued historically proven method of consuming smokables.... at least not yet. I do intend to change that, but I expect that goal will take, at the least, a few years of R&D and market feedback. Anyway, I look forward to the journey as it were.

    In unity,

    john wells
    a.k.a pipedreamer
  5. i like my little glass pipe. it hits really good. But of course, who doesn't like a spliff?

  6. Pie, those are commonly called gravity bongs here in The States. I don't know what they're called internationally. I suspect since you referred to "cones" that you are not in The States (here, we call them bowls).

    Yes, they do give you a killer hit too!

    Peace [​IMG]
  7. ever since i was thirteen, i've had this ritual... whenever life's not going my way and not even meditation is helping to clear my mind, i pull kokopelli (an intricately carved wooden sherlock holmes pipe) out of his place under my matress and spark a bowl or two. then i lay out in my backyard under the stars while listening to jim morrison croon his sultry melodies and think about how great it is to be alive.
    i've kept this ritual for years now and it has never once failed to brighten my spirits.

  8. Great guys, this thread is starting to get moving a bit.

    Now, all you unregistered users go get registered and get ready to stick with us.

    This board will flourish soon, be one of the first and establishing members!

  9. Well I personally prefer a good bamboo bong, sans shot. It just seems more natural....

    Anyone heard of buckets?? A friend of mine swears by use a plastic drink bottle (bottom cut off), a bucket (three quarters filled with water), and a cone (with some plastecene/blutac to seal). Pack the cone with your fave mix, place it on top of the bottle, seal. Now, place the bottle in the bucket in the water...plunge it down a few inches....light the cone and pull the bottle out as it pulls through (don't pull the bottle right out of the water). Now there is a whole lot of smoke in the bottle...remove the cone and sealant, place your mouth over the bottle and push the bottle into the water again. The smoke will flow out....we call them evil
  10. YEA! what memnon said!

  11. BUCKETS!I swear by them too these are my fav.Da Bong comes second and joints are most common...never smoked from a vapourizer thou.


    I thought I should leave my first one, Buckets have turn into my most common now I have done so many of these lately it's KrAzIe.Bong is second, joints come with buckets, so I smoke them alot too but they are my 3rd fav. And I still havnt smoked from a vapourizer :(


    [ February 19, 2001: Message edited by: Wish_I_Was_In_Amsterdam ]
  12. Normally a group of friends either smokes a couple bowels out of a pipe or a joint or two. Really depends on the circumstances (location, time, event, etc. etc.)

    I think one of the best-things to do when your at a party and not really-pushed for time is to play Zonk! Any of you hear of it? It's one killer pot-smoking game.
  13. I have a color changing glass bong that I love to smoke out of, but I also enjoy the great taste of a blunt... Mmmmm....

    How do you play Zonk?

    Music: Live it. Love it. Don't ever stop listening.
  14. I would explain the game Zonk! But I don't think I can give it proper justice.. so here is a link with all the information you ever wanted to know about the game z0nk!

    (Be on the lookout for my new website which will include my own houserules/version of z0nk entitled; sz0nk!)

    ~ soulzero/grimpriest
    ;acid in your veins;
  15. Mmmmmm... Glass double perk with ice atop the second bubble. Mmmm....Clean... Crisp.. Refreshing... :p

    I also love the Spade. I haven't had enough bud to make one in awhile, but that's my favorite thing to roll and smoke when it comes to joints.

    Peace, Love, Unity, Respect!
  16. any way i can get the bud in me is cool with me.
  17. Deadhead I feel you bro...
  18. yesterday i got board and made myself 4 pipes, i made a faygo bottle hookah, pringels can hookah, beer can pipe, and a pipe made out of foil and hollow metal pipe. but because i have no bud, i tried them out by lighting 5 insence sticks and holding them over the bowl. they all work very well. its amazing how home made stuff works better then a lot of stuff you can buy.

  19. yeah aero, it's all about being cost effective!

    Music: Live it. Love it. Don't ever stop listening. [​IMG]
  20. I only smoke joints.

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