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Favorite way to smoke

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Cherrygarcia, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. Joints/blunts, pipes/bowls or water pipes, whats your favorite way to get high and why?

    I like a nice glass piece, had a bubbler that was far and away my favorite piece to smoke but I do like the convience of a blunt, dont have to be as careful or constantly re-light it
  2. I really really really do not like pipes anymore once i got my first bong. Im still waiting to get a bubbler but i love how cool the smoke is and how much i can get from it.

    I haven't really tried rolling in awhile and probably should try but... i stick to what i know.
  3. lol i swear there have been at least 20+ threads like this....

    well for me i like my bong
    - gets me the highest
    - saves weed

    when im not at home, i smoke Js
  4. this is a tough one. i enjoy joints quite a bit but they use a lot of weed. ive only smoked one blunt and it was shitty, but i do want to try another one thats actually rolled properly and filled with enough weed. but i love all forms of smoking and i cant really for certain say i prefer one over the other. they all have their ups and downs.

    im going to have to go with non-water pipe because i have yet to use a glass bong and i love my steam roller, its smoother than my acrylic bong.

    edit: i also really enjoy rolling the joint then smoking it. so a joint i rolled is way more enjoyable than one that someone else rolled. since i have yet to use a glass bong its a toss up between rolling and pipes.
  5. Joints. They're easy and transportable, which is very important for me because I always smoke with other people at random places, so I can't just go and bring a bong everywhere. Bongs are cool too, but I like joints more. It's also incredibly satisfying to stand with a joint in your hand. :)
  6. My mini zong and bubbler >>>>>
  7. I go through phases thats why I have a bong, multiple style pipes, multiple size and material papers/blunts. But right now I've been enjoying my glass bong but about a month ago all I was smoking out of was my chillum and a few j's. My next purchase is going to be a nice bubbler with a perc or a small personal bong. The only piece I'm not to keen on any more is my steam roller.
  8. Include vaping?
  9. Joints.
    Fuck blunts and their tobacco.
    I love the ritual/process of pulling the bud out, breaking it down, smelling it, looking at it, rolling it up, admiring my admirable roll-job and kickin back n having a sesh rather than doin a couple bong hits and caching a bowl I can have a real session n vibe to tunes or whatever while the high steadily takes me over.
  10. My little bubbler :)
  11. Massive quantities of Great quality thru any means available!
  12. My favorite smoking tool is a steamroller, and I found one that has a downstem. It doesn't hold enough water to cool the smoke down a lot though.
  13. i cant really pick..... 1 of my favorites are blunts (phillies, white owls, any sort of cigarillo or wrap i will roll) because burn time and not constantly having to load a bowl but when i really feel like it il smoke a gravity bong for conserving but the satisfaction of rolling a blunt that looks like u just took it out of the package is worth it
  14. [quote name='"anonymous911"']My favorite smoking tool is a steamroller, and I found one that has a downstem. It doesn't hold enough water to cool the smoke down a lot though.[/quote]

    How would that work?
  15. I love rolling joints, it's an art. I usually smoke on the go so I normally use joints :smoke:
  16. bongs... nothing like getting home from work, pulling out the bong, loading the bowl and taking a fat rip to your face.
  17. where's the vaporizer option?
    +1 vaporizer
  18. My Vapor Genie.
  19. all of the above?

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