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Favorite Way Of Gettin Smokie?!?!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Smokie McBlunts, Feb 13, 2003.


Favorite way of gettin all smokeh smokeh

  1. Classic smoker! The joint man! Gotta have the J

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  2. Wut up ninja, I smoke nuthin but Blunts

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  3. Definatly gotta pack that bowl brotha

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  4. GrAvItY bOnG!!! Nuff Said

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  5. I don't smoke weed, I hear it makes ya dizzy O_o

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  6. I don't give a motha fuck! I'll eat tha shit if i have to! Roll that bitch in a tampon paper

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  1. Well.. im sure this is the 23576374894730324th time this was asked, but oh well.
  2. Personally, i'll smoke any way i can... i mean, i prefer a nice tight joint or a fat blunt... even a nice bowl of nuggets or a water bong with ice water.... mm so smoth.. even the gravity bong tickles my fancy... n alot more than that lol. but i'm gonna have to go with the joint is my favorite. To roll and smoke :)
  3. yeaaaaaaaaaa
    yeh yeh
    he he haha eheh ha ha
    dum dum dum dum

    lets all get high tonight
    maybe nobody will die tonight
    lets all drunk tonight tonight
    I hope I dont fight with a punk tonight
  4. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Gotta love the J!!
  6. hell yeah! High Five! lmao.. stupid gay ppl at my school really say that,..... GOD im glad im a senior and about to be DONE with that gay shit :)
  7. was gonna go for the bottom one... but that whole tampon thing scared me away.
  8. I Love my pipe, I have had the same glass piece since my first smoking days! And you gotta love the stuff your dad has lying around the house or in the tool box to make a homemade pipe. I Love my pipes, although I don't mind tokin from a bong but I am straight up pipe
  9. I'd say pipes 90% of the time, a bong (of some variation) about 15% of the time and only about 5% jays.
  10. tbh, maybe joints or bowls, its hard to say, ill take it however tho

  11. yeah, i was about to vote for that one too, until I saw that
  12. I'm usually torn between a bowl and a joint, but most of the time just for convenience purposes i go with the bowl. i dont have a bong, but if i did that would probably be my first choice

  13. whaaaaa! I wish I could smoke 110% of my weed. Then all my ounces would be like what, 30.8 gs... (28 + 2.8)


    i tend to use my pipe the most, cuz its small and the most portable plus packing a bowl is easier than rolling a joint. but I like my bong the most.
  14. Well, I guess you know where MY mind was when I posted that...who knows what I even meant....
  15. bet it made sense to ya then hey?
  16. Joint and pipes!

    Bongs are good too..
  17. I think a lot of peeps no what I'm sayin when I say that there is nothing like chokin off nice water bongs.. I mean, Joints are convenient but if weed is ever legalized, You'll see me standin at the bus stop hittin that shit in ma bong... But blunts.... Ohhh Blunts, I voted for the I don't care one anyway ;)
  18. Joints & Waterpipes, 'bout 60-40.

    I can't do pipes, after a big hit i usually cough like hell, and that is not entirely practical...

    I love smoking outdoors, and Js' are the most anonymous way of doing just that. Chillin' in the park on a nice summersday ogling the girls beeing ripped out of my mind.

    ahh, summer where are thee my sunny giddy glee

  19. Stop it with the summer talk, you're killing me :( It's 30 below outside and I hate it.. No one should have to roll joints outside, standing up, in the freezing cold, when it's windy as fuck but I do, It's just one of the things you've got to live with up north... Err, only 3, maybe 4 more months
  20. i gotta pack the bowl man. be it bong or glasss pipe its gotta be bowl. sometimes joint though

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