Favorite Vocalist, Guitarist, Bassist, and Drummer

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  1. Who are your favorites?

    Vocalist: Chris Cornell, Soundgarden

    Guitarist: Jimi Hendrix

    Bassist: John Paul Jones, Led Zeppelin

    Drummer: Chad Sexton, 311

    Come to think about it, that would be a kick-ass band.

    Whooda thunk it?!?
  2. vocals - Maynard Keenan (Tool), Layne Staley (Alice In Chains)

    guitar - Tom Morello (RATM), Kirk Hammet (Metallica) and the dude from AC\DC Hans something right>?

    bass - Fieldy (Korn)

    drums - the dude from Rush forgot his name.
  3. I had ties, mostly are biased due to my excessive obsession for Led Zeppelin, so I listed the Zep's then the guys who are next in line:

    Vocals: Robert Plant/Maynard(TOOL)

    Guitar: Jimmy Page/Hendrix

    Bass: JPJ/Les Claypool

    Drums: BONHAM! BONHAM! BONHAM! he rocked it like nobody else, and even after 3-hour long shows still wanted to beat on them skins, he'd beat 'em til they broke. I love this man's spirit, which lives on through his music. Here's the man himself.

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  4. vocalist: I dunno..I don't listen to much singing stuff.

    guitar: hendrix

    bass: Jaco Pastorius

    drums: I too would have to say bonham...
  5. vox: 3 way tie: brad nowell, bob marley, jim morisson
    guitar: santana
    bass: damn thats a tough one. rob derhak is pretty dope (moe. , check them out), and of course matt freeman from rancid damn hes so good.
    drums: max weinberg (from conan o brians show)
  6. Vocals... either the singer from The End, Daniel Wydant [Zao], Shawn Jonas [Zao]

    Bass... Fieldy [KoRn]

    Guitars... Russ [Zao], Kirk Hammet [Metallica], Tom Morello (sp?) [Rage Against The Machine]

    Drums... no contest... Jesse Smith [Zao]. he's insane.
  7. vocals - gotta be Thom Yorke from Radiohead

    Guitar - Ben Brown from Llama (ever heard of them?)

    Bass - The almighty Victor Wooten

    Drums - Toss up between Stewart Copeland and Jimmy Chamberlain
  8. Vocalist: Brad Noel (Sublime), Krayzie Bone ( Bone Thugs), and Bob Marley

    Bass: Guy from korn

    Guitar: Guy from System Of A Down

    Drums: Guy from System Of A Down
  9. Vocals: Maynard James Keenan (Tool, A Perfect Circle)

    Guitar: Buckethead

    Bass: Tony Levin (King Crimson)

    Drums: Danny Carey (Tool)
  10. Vocals: burton c bell (fear factory g/z/r)

    Guitar: dino (fear factory brujeria asesino)

    Bass: christian (fear factory cypress hill)

    Drums: ray (fear factory brujeria asesino)
  11. someone likes fear factory lol
  12. Vocalist: Jimi Hendrix (great voice)

    Guitar: Jimmy Page (he is like god to me)

    Bass: JPJ (more zep)

    Drums: Either Kieth Moon or Bonham, both kicked ass =D
  13. Vocalist-Roger Waters (Pink Floyd)
    Guitar-Dimebag Derril (pantera), and Eric Clapton
    Bass-Hell if I know i dont keep up with bass players
    Drummer-same answer as bass
  14. fear factory is my favv. band just like cradle. we've both loved themfor years...but then they broke up. so i gotta go with burton, dino the asshole, christian and ray
  15. I can only answer two (I don't really pay much attention to the drums/bass)

    Vox has to be Thom Yorke from Radiohead: Dunno why. It's just a personal choice thing and only from the early days.

    G-Tar has to be Kyle Gass- For some reason I have no memory of ever hearing hendrix.... shit I have gotta get onto kazza quick!!!
  16. No memory of ever hearing Hendrix? Did I read that correctly? Well I'll be damned...
  17. I just found one of my mums old records that I listened to a couple of times when I was young. Guest what it was, man... yup hendrix I had heard hendrix but i was just too young to remember it. Ha!
  18. Vocalist: Bradley Nowell / Bob Dylan / Robert Plant

    Guitarist: JIMI (OF COURSE)

    Bass: i dont know much about bass..hmm...

    Drums: Carter Beuford / John Bonnem
  19. either Jimi, or Steve Howe (yes) for fave guitar.
    vocals... either Bob Marley (hell yeah!) or Jon Anderson (yes)
    keyboard or piano or organ... rik wakeman (yes) or Emerson (he was the one with the electric organ right? i get E, L & P mixed up)
    Bassist... John Paul Jones... probably, can't think of any better of the top of my head.
    Drummer... an 808. teehee. couldn't resist.

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