Favorite Vitamin Water!

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  1. What's your favorite


    XXX is mine. Love, love, looove these after a night of drinking.
  2. XXX for sure man
  3. Focus is definately the best

    I like all of them though
  4. XXX indeed. :]
  5. Glad to see people showing love for XXX. Sippin' on one right now and there is nothing better!
  6. thats my favorite too man, STRAIGHT EDGE WATER
  7. XXX or Focus
    i wanna vwater
  8. lemonade :]
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    also, my favorite is the lemonade...the multi vitamin shit or someting

    i used to take vitamin water serious until i realized that it contained almost 200 calories per serving. and now they are finally fixing their shit.

    these fitness water/drink/beverage companies are realizing that low/no sugar alternatives are popular too. I drink nothing but sugar free energy drinks and shit all the time. Better for you and less prone to dehydrating you down the line.

  10. Hahaha you know mee

    Lemonade is tight too not gonna lie.
  11. i gotta piss man
  12. I like Focus but those things are so bad for your teeth I've stopped drinking them

  13. Oh really? How so? I'm not saying your wrong.
  14. i never paid attention to the names actually

    gatorade ftw
  15. One bottle of the stuff has almost the same amount of sugar as a can of Coke. It's really pretty bad for you, but it's just so delicious.
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    All the grams of sugar, I'd say.....

    I'd love to take the Lemonade flavored one and a freeze it to a slush and make a Slurpee out of it. Like a Lemonade Slurpee....wow, how original.
  17. Those mother fuckers tricked me into thinking it was all healthy :(

    Never even noticed the sugar!

  18. haha

    got um!
  19. Quoted for the truth.

  20. I'm going to lie to myself and continue to believe it's super healthy


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