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Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Fancysauce, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. My all time favorite thing to do when im high is play video games. My favorite game to play is call of duty world at war Nazi Zombie MODE and gears of war 1. I felt like i was hunting for locust or something lol. Whats yours?
  2. any counter strike for pc. easy :hello:
  3. Left4Dead, because it freaks me out (only when I'm high, though...).

    Team Fortress 2, because there are a shitload of colors, and the cartoony-style is amazing.

    Grand Theft Auto, because... well... I don't even need to say it, lol.

    Halo, because "Playing Halo" was our code for smoking weed back in high school (it started because my friend hid his green in his empty Halo PC box). Also, there are a plethora of pretty colors.

    Portal, because it is trippy as shit when you are sober. When you are high, it is fucking insane.

    Garry's Mod, because the possibilities are endless.
  4. Gears of war 2 i can snipe like a mother fucker when im blazed
  5. COD4 or COD WAW then definatly SUPER SMASH BROTHERS!!
  6. Lol, my friends and i actually have something like that. For half track we use the abbreviation *HT* and link that to abbreviation of Halo Three *which is also HT*. Whenever we want to buy or smoke we say, "Lets get a copy of halo 3" or "lets go play some halo three"
    But my favorite games to play are geometry wars 2, counter strike, CoTDWaW, and sometimes katamari.
  7. GoW 2 CoD WaW and left 4 dead are all i play while high. also the sims 2 is extreamly amusing while high (but i killed my whole family when blazed once =[ R.I.P lol) and fable 2 while high is sweet if your using magic!
  8. supee smash bros for n64

    or sonic for genesis
  9. Mario Kart
  10. Geometry wars 2!
  11. Any Quake game, Fallout 3, CSS, and Diablo.
  12. anything old school or skate/extrem sport, or those sick cabelas hunting gams or gta...
  13. saints row 2 or skate/skate .
  14. bro playing halo was my codename for smoking also ahahahahahahahahahah small world
  15. skate. hands down I could play that game for hours high or not
  16. Call of Duty 4 (with Metallica - Master of Puppets playing in the background)
  17. Every weekend day when my friends and i blaze we end up on the couch, playing SUPER SMASH BROTHERS BRAWL. Its the best multiplayer game ever.

    Alone and blazed, I like xbox 360 games
  18. +rep

    I must agree, I played Saints Row the other day baked off my ass man, cheat codes+lots of people+baked+saints= fucking amazing time that 2 hours blew by fast.

    and thats so funny me and my friends when ever we talking abuot weed or drinking it be the same Halo= Drinking COD4= weed. haha always like hey, wanna go play cod4? infront of his parents, good times=)
  19. guitar hero is good for a while. left 4 dead is mad good in the dark in the middle of the night in an empty house. skate 2, gta 4

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