favorite video game console?

Discussion in 'General' started by Samus, Jul 11, 2003.

  1. so which console would you say was responsible for the most sleepless nights? i would have to go with either the NES or my ps1. i remember staying awake so much when i was younger playing mario bros, zelda, metroid, and so many other great games (that many of you havent played so i wont mention). on the ps1, i think the game ive played the most is ff7. what a great game!

    oh ya, and does anyone remember milons secret castle? even my mom remembers playing that game, and it was one of the only video games she has ever played. like 10 years ago, lol.

  2. of all time i'd say mega drive, i've been playing it 7 years and never gto board.
    Best at the moment is the Xbox
  3. My favorite would have to be 3DO. Just got one off of ebay.
    Gotta get me some good games for it now.

    Had one back in the early nineties. Loved it then, love it now.
    I always thought they came out with the most interesting
  4. As much as I loved NES, I loved Sega more.... Sonic The Hedgehog, mortal kombat.... I spent a lot of time on that system.
  5. XboX playing Halo or any other games you can play upto 4 people.
  6. the amricans were lucky cause there the saga console was called the genesis(cool name) but in the uk it was the mega drive

    and HALO RULES!
  7. I still think my Atari 2600 was the best console ever. Those were engaging games, with (for the most part) infinite levels. Above and beyond that, the graphics (compared to today) were quite less intricite, so you actually had to use your imagination when you played games on it!
  8. Gamecube, I love the system that star wars game wario world... to bad i dont have one i really do.
  9. PS2 is my favorite, cause you can play allllllll those many many ps1 games, + ps2 games + dvds on it.
    Dreamcast before that. Big temporary jump in graphics, plus it is the only console with Soul Calibur on it. Ahhh.. many drunken stoned nights have been spent passing controllers around between 4-5 people in Soul Calibur.
    N64 was my favorite before Dreamcast, mainly just cause of 4 player Goldeneye. Or Perfect Dark.
    SNES was great. I would probably be playing it now cause I borrowed a Zelda game from someone for it, but I can't find my power cord. I was never a sega person.
  10. The original NES, man, I think that was close to perfection. These days I think the PC is the way to go for games, Ghost Recon still has a hard time beating Contra in my book.
  11. anyone remember Icubus for nintendo? game rocks.
  12. N64.
    Goldeneye 4-player.
  13. i like most ofthe systems, and have played most of them a LOT, but i like ps2 the most, thats what i got now, i would say the comp cause all of the games i used to play on it, but you cant get a virus on ps2

  14. Soul Calibur 2 is coming out on the GameCube looks pretty sweet.
  15. NES, fo sho, Ghenghis Kahn

  16. 3D0 was the best. i sold mine too. the games were VERY interesting. i am thinking about buying another.
  17. I remember spending hours playing Pac-Man on my Atari...

    But the NES kicked some serious ass...
    Was a big fan of Duck Hunt and Wild Gun Man...
    Then there was Mario 3, where you could be Kabuki Mario and turn into that stone monkey...
    Talk about trippy...

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