Favorite type of piece

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  1. bowl?

    whats your favorite and why
  2. My bubbler man :p it has a special place in my heart.
  3. Steamroller. I just dig em', dunno why.
  4. No doubt, my favorite is a BONG! You can't beat water cooled, concentrated, smoke!
  5. Just a regular bowl

    It's simple yet effective
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    cant go wrong with any top notch bong.:)
  7. It was a bowl, but after use of the bong that I bought on friday, I'm a bong lover. :)
  8. I think it's a toss up between the bub and bong. Then again, steamrollers get me high as fuck too.
  9. Give me a nice 16'', single-perk beaker and I'll be forever content :).
  10. bubblers and bongs; but I have a sweet spot for spoons
  11. Glass anything not china. I love city-made glass made locally. Anything with twisting colors, texture, bumps, etc. VSS Glass, lol, meaning no air bubbles in joints or nothing CLEAR glass. Anything thick is instant bonar.
  12. I voted other for a blunt
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