Favorite type of munchies

Discussion in 'General' started by Peppie, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. Thinking back on all the times I've gotten high, I've always wanted food. But what to get? Usually I stick with Taco Bell if I'm out but other times a bag of chips has sufficed.

    So Blades, what's your favorite type?
  2. Food you prepare always tastes the best. You can have a lot of fun with adding some crazy ingredients and you just might discover something really awesome. The hard part is remembering what you did.
  3. Depends honestly...I think a good hand fixed meal but I also enjoy that fast food and snack food. Just depends on the mood, time etc
  4. If I could could, I would love to try it. I'm sure it would be even better because you yourself actually made it and not some person in a factory or behind a grill.

    I wanna try steaks high now haha.
  5. SNACKS! I love snackin on snacks and you never realize how much you really eat until the whole bag is gone, then you feel gross, yayeahhhh.
  6. one word:

    SUSHI. :eek:
  7. Fresh fruit.

  8. Pssshhtt...I wish I could do this..
  9. Go to Red Robin and get the Whiskey River BBQ Hamburger.

    Holy shit.
  10. You could, trust me.

    Pick up some strawberries and tell me that it isn't the best thing you have ever tasted while high.
  11. I grill up some burgers on the barbie, maybe some onion rings and I'm good to go bruddah.:smoke:
  12. fast food, mother fuckin delivery, or resturaunts.

    Im not big on cooking. Unless I can stick it in the microwave :)

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