Favorite type of bong?

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  1. Okay guys, just wanted to see what different people in the city enjoy toking from. I am not talking about perks and whatnot, just the tubes.

    Do you like: straight tubes, beaker bottoms, harmonic inlines, gravity, or just the classic bowl bottoms (not sure what the actual name is).

    Personally I love myself a good beaker bottom. Also love stemless straight tubes.
  2. i love a good straight toob.
  3. I love inlines, love straight tubes, love beaker, and I love bubble bottoms two! I love my gear 12" dub bub.
  4. A nice beaker with a fixed stem would be my overall choice. Its a mix between a beaker and a inline.

    But if im on the move i take my trusty bubbler with me.
  5. Love my beaker, hits like a CHAMP. Isn't really big either.

  6. I don't think I've ever seen a fixedstem beaker...That would be tight though.

    I like fixed stem single chamber straights!:D:D
  7. I like any kind of straight, fixed stem or not. Single chambers are always my favorite. :smoking:
  8. I love beakers and fixedstems, so probably a toro or sg sovereignty. But I do love Luke Wilson stuff.
  9. Basic straight tubes w/ Ice pinches for me....
  10. SSFG and badback on etsy have made a couple like this:

  11. Prefer stemless straights such as the SGW waffle and SG Stemline. On a side note, Sheldon Black makes fixed stem beakers too. Here's one:

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  12. I prefer straights, but beakers are nice too but no beakers above 14". I don't really like the round bubble bottoms. Never hit an inline tube but an inline ashcatcher can hit well if it has a good design.
  13. this is my like 11 inch almost 12 inch glass bong. its really all you need imo. perfect size, perfect hits. plus its a pull stem so im happy :)

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  14. as soon as I posted that I remembered those tubes, although I thought the SB was removable and not fixed, but w/e.....I still like straights.

  15. You never mentioned stemless tubes. Some things I really like about stemless tubes ate that there are less pieces to clean, less to break, aesthetically pleasing, etc.
    I have one 1' stemless tube that's either china or local glass but it's really thick.

    I love to use it for my vape since it's small and simple. One time the whip pulled the tube down onto the floor from my desk and not a damn scratch, very comfortable in the hands too. I almost bought a sweet ass KC stemless tube with diamond shaped "ice pinches" but instead I chose a Roor. Now that I look back on it idk why
  16. They made 'em both ways. ;)

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