Favorite Trap Type Producer?

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  1. Zaytoven is my favorite producer of those heavy bass trap type beats.. hbu?

  2. Define trap I never understood the genre but I feel like I have listened to it before.
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    Well there's electronic type trap (it's like dubstep almost, performed with a live dj on tables not off a computer) and then there's rap/hip-hop trap, artists like gucci mane, waka flocka, etc.. The lyrics are dumb usually but the beats go hard.
    Zaytoven is a hip hop producer well known for his trap beats
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    meh personally i dont even like the beats they're too easy to make and usually use samples that have already been flipped in a better way....just my opinion
    if no samples are used it's some shit anyone could re-create with 3-4 repeated key-strokes on a keyboard
  5. Trap is still a very very VERY new type of thing, its still evolving and not alot of people are doing it right, which is fine, thats how you explore however alot of people are trying to take it alot of different ways, so far it seem Gucci man has had the most success with it, who produces his trap beats i don't know/care but yeah, my take on it. 
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    TNGHT are amazing. It's Hudson Mohawke and Lunice working together (if people know them, signed to Lucky Me.) Flosstradamus is also pretty good. But TNGHT.
    I also like CRNKN, Diplo and Baauer, but unfortunately Baauer's fanbase is made up almost entirely of teenagers who think Harlem Shake is the best thing since sliced bread.

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