Favorite Toking Spot Of Alltime? For Dailyuse?

Discussion in 'General' started by Pre98BKcannabislove, May 29, 2013.

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    I like taking the bong out in the yard in the morning before it gets too hot and smoke and drink tea.  :bongin:
    Honestly though, my favorite most comfortable smoking spot is probably the bed.  :rolleyes:
    And even though I like smoking beside lakes and Oceans, my favorite place of Alltime is probably when I get to walk through the city with a joint and waft the good herb smoke around, I don't know why, but that's the most fun for me. Because I find nature a little too overwhelming and distracting to fully absorb the high, but in the city it kind of tunes me in. 

  2. I like da sofa maaaan!
  3. I honestly haven't had the pleasure of having a "nice" toke spot yet. I've always had to hide it, whether it be from my parents or from the RA's in my hallway. That'll change in 2 months when I have an apartment :bongin:
    However my car, Seabiscuit, and I have had many fond memories together. She loves playing some loud tunes for me while I rip my bowl.
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    on my island in the middle of the river in my hometown.. been blazing/hanging/drinking there for almost 10 years now. i always make sure i stop by and hang out for a bit when i visit home.
  5. My favorite spot used to be my backyard, it was super private and surrounded by trees, now I moved and my yard has 1 tree that's not a tree at all.. So now I like to smoke in my bathroom because of the fan.
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    My living room in front of my coffee table
  7. My car in the driveway, lol.
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    Double post. Sorry!
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    I live on the top floor in a "danish ghetto" and I own a nice <span>terrace facing towards the sun and it has no buildings blocking the view</span>. You can sit out there in all kinds of weather and enjoy mother nature in all her glory. You can easily sit 5-6 people out there and blaze and listen to really loud music without bothering the neighbours... well I've been doing it for many years and haven't had a complaint yet :)
    I couldn't ask for anything better.
  10. Couch. Alone. 
    smoking with my wife is cool too, but i love my mornings here in the 'City.
  11. I'm afraid that I'm awfully spoiled. Less than a five minute walk from my house is a cliff top overlooking the beach, right on the ocean. Neither my words or photos do those Darwin sunsets justice. I've been around the world and I can hardly believe that I'm fortunate enough to actually live where the most gorgeous suns I've ever seen set.

    Otherwise, I've got a pretty sweet, private back garden. I like to sit out on the veranda for a toke, and watch my dog snout around the yard.
  12. a nature trail. used to go out all the time when i had a car but since i dont have one now i guess my favorite spot is my room.
  13. My backyard. Just sit in the chair, under the stars, feeling the summer night, smoking a blunt. its perfect
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    Usually my chair but since I moved onto a lake I enjoy dropping the kayak in and cruising around with a blunt;)
  15. The Northern California Redwood forest baby!! That is my fav place to smoke and get high. I have done it 2 years in a row for vacation and i am going to do it again this August.

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  16. I gotta say I enjoyed blazing there also, no other forests like it so it is an unique experience for sure.
  17. Honestly it would be the staircase of my building its super safe and you don't have to worry about the Smell or any paraphernalia its sick plus if I go to the 17th floor one of the residents has wifi so I just jack that shit relax and smoke

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  18. I live in an apartment complex and behind it is a really awesome garden the old folks planted in the complex behind mine. Around dusk I can go out and have a toke overlooking the garden. It's fairly secluded so I only have to worry about late night gardeners who probably can't see me anyways hehe.

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