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  1. so me and my fam and a few other fams went camping for a week and just got back a few hours ago and i need to share my story.

    we've been camping with the same people for about 8-9 years now and its always been getting more and more boring until me and the other people my age found something out that we all had in common. we all LOVE weed so we had all brought as much as we could and had about an ounce and a half of everything from mids to so really dank bud and my buddy brought a small glass bong.

    the first few nights it kind of drizzled so we only did around two bowls each, not much cause it was a small bowl. then my one friend came up with a fuckload of booze and drank that for the next 2 nights cause it was still rainy. the next day we were all too tired to party all night so we went to bed sober (very lame) so we were at the last night and had about an ounce give or take a few gs and we wanted to make sure we smoked it all. not only did we want to smoke it all but we also wanted a really nice place to smoke it where we didnt need to worry about getting caught. so i really needed to take a shit so we go t the bathrooms and we hear a shower running and i say, who the fuck is smoking at this hour? then we all stopped in our tracks and all at the same time said outloud JAMACAIN HOT BOX!!! so we look in the showers and realize they are all conected with vents, no go on that, bummer, then i realize, duh, there is a handicapped shower on the other side, so we check it out and no vents, pretty airtight and it had a hot water tap (all the other ones just had a button you press and it chooses the temperature) so we whip out the bong, whip out the tree and start smoking and soon enough we cant see eachother and the echos are completely fucking me up.

    about two and a half hours after we went in we ran out and we decided we wanted to go to the beach and so we do and we find these chairs so we sit an look at the stars (fucking trippy) and i start tripping out and thinking i was in a swing and then reached for the ropes of it, only to realize its not a swing but a chair, anyway i did this for about two hours and now the sun starts coming up and we're like holy shit how long have we been out here.

    so we go back to our camp site and we see my buddies dad taking out the canoe and there was no where we could go to hide so we just booked it down the road and then we see him leave out on the lake and so we get into our tents and go to bed. then once my buddies dad came back he asked us what we were doing so we said we decided to go for an early jog and we were tired so we wanted to sleep more, and he bought it.

    anyway im sorry for dragging it on, but it was one of my favorite nights ive ever experienced and i needed to share

    if anyone else has any stories like this they'd like to share? id love to hear them and get ideas for future sessions
  2. I ended up hanging out with 2 weed buddies, T and M. They said they knew some kid who would pitch on the session, so we made our way to his house.

    After we arrived, we started smoking up in his backyard. It was me, T, M and S hitting a bong, then 2 other men showed up A and K. So we all had a huge session, S took out some beers and stuff for us, so we just chilled in his backyard, drank and smoked. It was a bomb time.
  3. stood over a best friends uncles estate that he was babysitting while the family was on vacation.

    It was the most baller thing ever, we just bought weed and did beer runs at the local grocer. first time i got laid and everything, no joke it was that baller.
  4. All of my favorite times include camping.

    Or the early days.

    I have goosebumps right now, really.
  5. yeah man camping has to be the best place to smoke
    nature is so awesome, its so peaceful and it seems like nothing wrong can happen
  6. Is this camp in Maine? A buddy of mine told me a pretty similar story.
  7. no man, this camping is in ontario canada
    ive never been to maine

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