Favorite time to smoke.

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  1. I like smoking later in the evening like when it hits around 6 or 7pm. Though some times I say fuck it and wake and bake.
  2. when youre doing some other shit and you just feel like chiefin
  3. I've yet to wake and bake, if I ever have my place to myself for longer than 24 hours i'll have to try it. I always smoke at night. Grab my materials, load a bowl and chill for the evening
  4. Wake and bakes. And I love to fall right back to sleep. Before and during work. It helps me get through the day. And 2 hours before bed.
  5. always right now :smoking:

  6. TBH I would quit smoking Marijuana if I could. It's integrated it's self to a point were it is vital to my life now with much regret. As a sensible stoner I feel that it is necessary to only smoke on weekends or at the end of a productive day.

    Also you should fight all feeling for wanting to smoke sooner before you have finished your work. I really hate doing this.... It can get unbearable at times were I just can concentrate on anything until I have a hit from the bong.
  7. all the time lol.
  8. All hours man :smoking: but my favorite is late afternoon/evening after I've finished school/work. It makes it so much better when you have to wait all day for it.
  9. During the winter after a long day on the hill. Hit a couple gravs, take a shower, then a nice long nap
  10. wake and bake after breakfast with a coffee then a smoke haha. Only can do it on weekends since i don't blaze before going to work in the morning.
  11. around midnight on my porch
  12. Personally, I like to smoke about 30 minutes before bed. And I really don't think its that much of a waste.That's when I start to calm down, brush my teeth, shower. Then I just jump in my bed and lay there and just chill out go one fourms and relax.
  13. Depends on if its Sativa or Indica. I cant smoke an indica when I wake up or else the day ends right there.
  14. Yeah. That's all I usally smoke. Indica's and since my favorite time is around bed. Lucky me(;
  15. if I'm alone its right before school lol, and late at night where I can watch funny ass movies without anyone distracting me. If I'm with my friends its pretty much any time of the day.
  16. Definitely night time. It's quieter that way and if I wish, I can go outside and have the glorious summer night time sky staring down at me. There's just few things better than smoking underneath a summer sky, whether day or night.
  17. Before bed. Love having a bowl while I'm winding down for the night, it's incredibly relaxing.

    If I wake and bake, I'm always tempted to just fall back asleep haha.
  18. I usually smoke two joints in the morning, and I smoke two joints at night, two more in the afternoon, (it makes me feel alright). Yes, I smoke two joints before I smoke two joints, and then I smoke two more!

    (if you get the reference)
  19. at night when im in my room with all my munchies and a tv guide
  20. Around 9 when its pitch black and im chillin with the boys in a place we call ' the forest '

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