Favorite Time Of Day To Smoke?

Discussion in 'General' started by Nugagerube, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. Mines in the morning.

  2. All day! Mornings are cool too..
  3. Evening, after work and after I eat something.
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    I'm on a Kush clock so every time is my favorite time. Wake N Bake Baby!
  5. I'm not a fan of wake & bake shit cuz it makes me lazy all day. I prefer later towards night after working out and doing my obligations. Unless i know for sure its sativa, i wait till later.
  6. Right before I go to sleep
  7. Mornings if I don't have anything to do, otherwise at night.. lately these are the only times iv'e been smoking and its helping my tolerance go down A LOT.. I have days in between where I don't smoke either though. I used to smoke all day everyday for years of course but it just got old smoking so much in the middle of the day.. I mean ill still do it but its a rare occasion now.
    Smoking it less often has made me appreciate so much more again.
  8. I like it during any time of the day, especially in the mornings... wake n baking tires me out for thhe rest of the day though so i dont do it very often
    always time to smoke on the kush clock TGOD  :bongin:
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    Immediately before and after meals.
    Oh and I can't forget before sleep
  11. all the times of day!
  12. late at night..overlookint the city...taking in existence.
  13. wake n bake on a snow day in my pajamas
  14. I love morning, mid-day, and evening all equally. I cannot choose a favorite. Everything always has its place when it comes to time of day.
  15. Yes sir.
  16. Right now

    -Stayupp g

  17. Night because I feel more relaxed and higher when it's night, but all times of day really as long as I have nothing to do.
  18. When it starts getting dark out. I always feel more heavy eye'd and hazy when it's getting dark out. I get blazed at night times haha.
  19. sativa-morning
    indica-evening, music and games <3

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