Favorite thing to do when high

Discussion in 'General' started by gratefulguy, Nov 19, 2013.

  1. What's your favorite thing to do when your high . Mine is to make beats on fl studio :)

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  2. Lay down, listen to music, and let my mind entertain me

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    Read manga or watch some TV shows, ya know, get into an epic story or something 
  5. yes I enjoy watching anime more than reading the manga , Full metal all the way :)

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  6. I like both, but have to prefer manga! Full Metal had a great manga and anime also! 
  7. I'm always "high"...technically.

    I fear what I'd do if i were completely sober

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  8. Watch cartoons or listen to good slow paced music

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  9. Watch tv shows, play games, listen to music, munch, listen to howard stern or bubba the love sponge

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  10. Right after I smoke in my back porch I love to just open the door and give my cat a "hardcore" pet... He loves it and will just go right back to sleep.

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  11. Strangely enough i love looking at photos of farms and mountains with beatiful views. I can find my self staring at them for hours it takes me away <3
  12. Playing video games, watch a good movie or listen to music and think about how big the world is and then realizing space is SO much bigger than you think.
  13. Look at crazy shit on the Internet while munching out.
  14. cooking a good dinner or making love

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