Favorite Thing To Do High

Discussion in 'General' started by Habbi, May 7, 2011.

  1. Mine is to space out and watch t.v. and jam to some music
  2. Think alot, Play video games, Sometimes Homework (if i'm not to high), Play sports and cook.:D
  3. Lol thinking while high is the best ever!
  4. sex.

    and well, everything is better. like drinking. and gettin in the studio. and life in general
  5. Smoking more. And zoning out to some music while doing a long drive.
  6. Walking through the woods, listening to Pink Floyd or the Beatles <3
  7. eating delicious food, watching superhero movies, primal sex with gf.
  8. That's it?!
  9. foooooooooood.


    play with my dog.


    I'm into anything with a motor ... working on them high is awesome. Especially welding ... you get so much better.

  10. Get higher
  11. Play video games, listen to music, do both with friends who smoke for even more Fun
  12. riding my bike on the riverbed!
  13. Going to the beach and relaxing there.
  14. listen to music and munch.

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