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Favorite thing to do high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Ra1nMan, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. My favorite thing is to blaze and then just chill and play basketball, while I have my skull candys on listening to some hip hop like biggie or underground.

    Whats your fav thing?
  2. Beat off to some good porn. Lay in bed and browse grasscity on my iPod whilst listening to music with good quality ear buds in. I love feeling my music in me. Sometimes I might do something that would be boring to do sober or actually I want to try playing football high since I just got hold of some good stuff that doesn't burn me out that much
  3. i rarely blaze alone so just whatever we usually just chill and not do anything :smoke:
  4. I only smoke alone. It's more peaceful, I can do what I want, and my stash lasts a lot longer
  5. I usually listen to sum quality tunes, munch out, play battlefield or some other videogame. Just chill until i pass out
  6. seems like thats always the first response to these kinds of threads.
  7. how in the hell can you play basketball high? I be and forgot where the goal is located lmao...
  8. I like talking to people while blazed, listen to some Kid Cudi, write a little. Mostly though, I look for new ways to smoke (I made a gravity bong while high 2 days ago for the first time :) )
  9. yea and it's pathetic really.

    But im a bit biased. My GF could be a porn star.
  10. Get on xbox live and talk shit to people
  11. Once listened to 3 different songs at once. Blew my mind.
  12. Get baked. Play CoD.

    i also like watching animes since there are usually ALOT of episodes and watching anything baked is good times
  13. I love doing anything new and everything I usually do sober. It's great just thinking how different some things are when youre totally blazed lol. Favorite things are easily eating, listening to loud music, and having deep conversations about various topics.
  14. sometimes i just like to sit down and listen to music and just draw or even paint whatever comes to mind.
  15. Yeah man mine too, and she gives me ounces for free. Our lives are so great!

    But really, girlfriend or not, cranking it after a bowl is a clutch move.
  16. I smoke along more than I do with friends. I just chill and watch some boondocks on my labtop, browse GC forums, Music, Food, Drank, Sober again, Smoking again :D
  17. dance, type and stare at lights. lol wtf ?

  18. Boondocks is a comic. The TV show sucks.

    But more on topic. I usually just end up watching what ever is on TV. But when I am with a group I usually go on an adventure that usually ends up in us eating Chinese food.
  19. Watch Korean variety shows.

    My Asian side in me makes me actually understand what they are saying but the shit is funny as biscuits on an octopus's head when you are high as fuck.

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