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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Web209, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. What is your guys favorite thing to do while high? I have a bunch of things that I love to do but recently I've been doing something different. I turn all the lights out so it's pitch black, listen to a song really loud through headphones and lay on the floor. It sends me into a dream like state and I get lost in time and the music ITS THE BEST THING EVER. But dont get me wrong I have a lot of things I like to do high. So what's your guys favorite thing to do???
  2. Fuck.
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  3. fuck. Or masterbate to porn. Eat sleep, listen to music. But sex is the best.
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  4. Funny story I had sex while high, then condom broke, and I had to go on an adventure to get a day after pill. If you fuck while high, make sure you do everything right.
    Anyways I love eating and having conversations with my friends if I'm with them while high and they're baked too. Playing games like cards against humanity is always hilarious as well.
  5. Video Games, movies, jerking off, gardening *wink*, y'know, pretty much everything you do is better with weed, except running out of it.
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  6. For some reason when I get higher than normal I draw a couple of triangles, I find them funny when baked.

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