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Favorite thing to do high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 2e3t4y5u, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. of my favorite pastimes
  2. I've discovered that I'm so much better at basketball when I'm high. Not too sure why, but I'm not complaining lol. Some of my favorite things to do is play video games, play basketball, play real life Call of Duty with friends (sounds dumb/immature as fuck but when you're super baked with some really good friends, it's so much fun. You actually think you're in war hahaa), etc. Just smile and laugh as much as possible! :)
  3. World of warcraft. :)
  4. Platin ball is mad fun while your baked, makes my moves so much more fluid.

  5. Seriosly guys? lol
  6. Frolf or die

    edit: I wish we could use caps here lol
  7. Listen to records or going to a show, definitely.

    Saw Radiohead last Friday and blazed up basically every other song - it was the best 3 hours of my life... Maybe.

    Also love to munch tons of food, walk around outside or just chill with friends and bullshit.
  8. Live Life!!
  9. Hi guys! I'm new, this is my first post :)

    Some of my favorite things to do while high are taking a hot bath, cleaning (it's a great way to accomplish chores, since you're baked you're just cleaning with a foolish grin from the dopamine release), listening to metal, usually sludgy southern stoner metal, eating the fuck out of everything in my goddamned kitchen, watching documentaries, talking to my best friends about interesting, "stoner" topics, making love (not just the sex but the feeling of naked skin as well), and going out in public (with sunglasses) so that I can laugh & marvel at others. Then, if I'm super lucky, I'm able to wake & bake, then almost immediately able to fall back to sleep. That's so good.
  10. Am I really the only one that likes stop motion dancing with friends xD haha i feel like a loser.
  11. I like to just relax really, I don't find I like to get into any given activity.
    Of course, audio-visual comes into play - there's always games and movies, but those are just regular go-to things.
    Personally I actually really like to cook and prepare food while wasted...not only do you think of things that can be pretty unusual, the relaxation factor and just "doing something" is there.
    I love hiking while stoned, being out in nature.
  12. Nothin better than snowboarding down a mountain high. Its fucking surreal.
  13. Kinda like to re-arrange my room around, it changes every week
  14. Depends on the weed. The bud I have now gives me such a euphoric feeling, so all I feel like doing is listening to music and reading.

    Other stuff though, I usually like to hike or just do something outdoors.
  15. Talk about crazy ass stuff with my buddies.
    And have sex with women of course :).
  16. taking a few joints and going for walks to weird places late at night with a friend and seeing some crazy shit, hahah, foxes and frogs and fireworks and going to parks and down by the sea and the woods :smoking:
  17. Cleaning things. For some reason even the most boring and mundane jobs seem interesting when I'm high. I am a cleaning machine on some good weed!
    Also, maybe TMI but weed gets me really in the mood for sex. I think it's a combination of the reduced inhibitions and relaxation, but wah hoo!!!
  18. hhaha i hate smoking and walking, cuz then i get lost :(

  19. if ur reading an action book do u feel like ur in it?
  20. fondle my balls...baoding balls, that is :smoke:

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