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Favorite thing about being high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 2e3t4y5u, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. to me, i really like the choppy vision, and if i have a really low tolerance and vape + a pure sativa, ill actually get that mild hallucinogen they talk about.
  2. i like it
  3. I like just being put in my own little world..a world where I am king haha :cool:

  4. true dat sir
  5. Relaxed muscles allowing me to just relax
    I can actually sleep
    I can actually eat
    Improved creativity
    I feel like on a sativa I can hold a conversation for hours
    I feel like on an indica I can melt into my bed
    Everything is better, basically.

    And I can forget about the day and all of its bullshit for a little while
  6. Enjoying the little things rather than thinking of all the bad.

  7. Thats actually something i wish more non smokers would realize. you actually enjoy the little things
  8. The first two lines from gives you hell by all american rejects

    thats how i feel when im high and yah...thats the favorite part
  9. I love how relaxed I feel and how good food tastes. It also helps me spend less money, I mean weed is expensive (very for me east coaster) but if I have a bowl and its a nice day I usually just like to be out and about or take a walk or get some food instead of buying other things that are more pricey to do like video games, car parts, guns, pretty much my other hobbies that make me broke lol.
  10. when i get really stressed and my problems build up, its just a release, u forget about the bad, even if only for two hours. it makes me laugh one of the things i read in drug books and other propaganda sites is "even though marijuana may relieve your problems temporary, they will always come back" but people go to movies to relax and have some fun, but theyll have to go back to their problems eventually.. same with music. makes me laugh

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