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Favorite Strains.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by homecraftinc, May 20, 2013.

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    Everybody has their favorite strain of Buddha. Mine is Strawberry Cough or Blue Dream. They both taste delicious, have extremely potent smoke, get you high instantly, look beautiful and smell like rainbows. So whats your favorite strain? If you dont know your strain because you illegally buy weed, what bud would you like to try most? If you have tried a strain that someone else wants to try, help them out and tell them how it was. I would die to try White Widow or TRUE OG Kush. Toke on fellow stoners \\m/  :bongin:  :bongin:  :bongin:

  2. Durban Poison, Malawi, Grand Daddy Purp, true OG Kush, Headband, Skywalker, Lemon Haze, G13

    Durban Poison is by far my favorite, I Love Licorice.
  3. Frankenstein kush is one of my favourite, so potent
  4. Sour d, headband, blue dream, green crack, viper og
  5. I love me some Blue Dream. So potent. Insta-high
  6. Flavor of the year- Girl scout Cookies.
  7. Master kush for sure
  8. I would really really like to try White Widow as well. (I'm in an illegal state).
  9. Hard to choose just one. My favorites are blue dream, Cali kush, sour diesel, afghan kush and purp. But I guess could say that blue dream and sour diesel are my top favorites.

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