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    I've grown White Widow and now I'm growing Sensi Star. I loved the White Widow and the Sensi Star is good too but buds are not as compact. The high is good from both strains but I want to try a new strain for my next grow.

    What are your favorite strains for yield and quality.
    What strain have you got most quantity from. And what's your favorite smoke?

    I'm thinking to go for Blueberry but I'd also like to try to grow AK-47.
    I've also been thinking about this strain here:

    Dutch Delight.
    Flyingdutchmen > Flying Dutchmen > Feminized Seeds (10) > Dutch Delight Feminized

    So what do people here think?

    Where should I buy Blueberry seeds? Is there a good vendor anywhere in Europe outside Netherlands? Most seeds coming from Netherlands to my country are seized :(
  2. the attitude carries DJ Short's blueberry.

    the attitude is a company shipping from the UK. Gypsy Nirvana's Seed boutique also carries it, and also ships from the UK.

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