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Favorite Strain?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by catpuchino, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. right now im stuck on girl scout cookies and cherry pie

  2. Mines white widow and strawberry cough. The cookies are in my top ten tho. Dank ask fuck !

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  3. All my friends talk about the scout cookie...I'm super jealous.
    Favorite is Blue Dream, but AK-47 comes in a close second.
  4. Super Lemon Haze.... :smoking: good
  5. 1# AK-47
    2# skunk 1#
    3# Blue cheese
  6. cookies has no legs.... high lasts about 20 mins.... was seriously unimpressed after all the hype.Jack Flash is the best thing i've smoked recently.
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    Bruh idk it's so hard for me to decide.
    I've recently had a stash of Cherry Pie, it was a very VERY, good fucking smoke. I enjoyed every fuckin bowl.
    I really do like Blue Dream, though. That shit always gives me trippy ass highs man.
  8. u gotta try the wax version of gsc....SOO FUCKING GOOD
  9. Headband by far. I have not smoked anything that came close to the amazing high headband has given me. 
  10. Mango kush baby.

    DowntownClownFrown DowntownClownFrown

  11. Master Kush but AK-47 is a close second probably. Both are really happy and uplifting and I like that quality in my strains  :D 
  12. [​IMG]
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    I have to agree, got some a few months ago and it was some damn potent stuff, with an amazing high along with a great taste.
    2nd would be straight sour diesel (I know headband has sour d in it), 3rd place, orange crush comes to mind.
  14. #14 Desert Rose, Jun 6, 2013
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    For Indica, Blueberry. I like the blissful euphoric high it gives.
    For Sativa, Blue Dream. I like its dreamy yet clear headed high and the creativity it gives.
    For Hybrid, JillyBean. Excellent for when I need something to uplift me, it makes me want to laugh even when I'm depressed.
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  15. That's really hard but I'd have to go with
    Saliva- OG Kush and blue dream
    Indica- my dealer called it "Irene" I've never seen it in a strain guide or anything, but whatever it was it was good! I could tell it gas indica cuz it knocked me on my fucking ass!!! The sad part was I only bought a dime and he never had it again:(
  16. One of the times I was ever the highest I've ever been was on Tangerine Dream.
  17. Irene was the first bud I ever smoked on! And apparently it's a really unknown strain because I only know a handful of people who have even heard of it.
  18. Sour Diesel because of the euphoria it gives me. 
  19. And judging by your name you live in atlanta! That's where I lived at the time I got Irene too. My guess is that it must be a local bud cause I've asked everywhere around here and wherever else I've gone since then and no one has even heard of it except people from the ATL...
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    What I was going to say, Cherry Pie!
    Cherry Pie, Nothern Lights, Blue Dream, Golden Goat, Super Lemon Haze, Granddaddy Purple, AK47, Trainwreck, Jack Herrer, Headband, Space Bomb
    These are a few of my 
    \tFavorite Things!

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