Favorite Stony Memory

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  1. My favorite memory was a couple of summers ago, I was living out of my best friends basement at the time, sleeping on an extra couch in his at home sound studio. I had this small Acrylic green bong and I would go out on the patio and sit in my camping chair with a Citronella candle to keep the bugs away and blaze. Well this one night I had my girl come spend the night with me, we sat outside taking bong hits:bongin: looking up at the stars, then we passed out on my couch. Kinda lame story but it was a good memory.
  2. smoken weed 1000's of times is probably my favorite
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    real life stories go in the real life stories section. Not general

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  4. sorry I diddent realize...
  5. me and my friend drove to brooklyn cuz we have a friend who lives there and bought bud with him then smoked a blunt on his roof. then the whole car ride home we smoked L's.

    i miss taking huge risks, i dont do it anymore :sigh:
  6. Does "fucking like stoned test bunnies" count as a memory, even though I was lapsing in and out of consciousness and the only reason I remember is because the sheets were stuck to my thighs and there was a naked woman laying to my right?
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    when two of my friends brandon and john who both had little man syndrome got in a fight after john asked for some chips and brandon psyched his ass out...like B pulled the bag out and passed it over J's way and as J was about to grab the bag B pulled that shit back and J slapped the fuck out of B and then B grabbed J's long board and chucked that shit like 20 feet.
    (this was a long ass time ago)


    edit: but foreal stony memories arent remembered. haha
  8. That time where I like...wait...what?

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