Favorite Stoned Stories

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  1. Ive been on a job t-break(2months now :() so all i can do is read about other people enjoying life... This is just some of my favorite high/stoned stories. This is not my story... found on intra-web. If u hav any that u like or your own original, please share.

    My friend and I were on vacation in Colorado and we smoked a lot of weed and walked into an ice cream shop. At this point I was trippin balls and was hanging on to this bookshelf, I started to swing back and forth with the shelf having a good time and closed my eyes and out of no where something hairy hit me in the head, then something hard hit me in the head. I woke up laying on the floor of an ice cream shop completely full of people and my friend said "Let's get out of here" and he helped me up and we go sit outside. My friend says "Dude, you hit your head on a little girl then ran into a wall." That was the highest I have ever been. 100% true

    I know for me, when I smoke, I tend to forget things. Well, one thing I will never forget is the first time that I got high. I was with three of my now closest friends, and I was driving and they asked me if I wanted to try some. I never really wanted to try it. I was one of those good kids who was against it, but I decided that I would. They told me that I was about to smoke some $100 nuggs. I had no idea what that was, but I did what they told me to. It took me a while to finally inhale right, but I got it. Well the funny part is, we were driving down the road by my house, which has lots of corners, and I said "I feel like I'm in a video game!" When I turned the wheel it seemed like it took forever for the car to finally turn. I honestly felt like I was playing one of those car games at Wal-Mart. Then I was gonna stop for a red light, but I stopped two blocks early because I thought I was already to the light. While we were driving, the girls kept saying that I was gonna kill them, and my response to that was "Its ok we have three lives, and we haven't died yet." They were all in the car freakin out, then they really started to freak when they noticed that some car was following us. I was scared to death that it was the cops and no matter where I turned they kept following me. I was so scared I pulled the car over and almost started crying. The car past and it was just a bunch of boys.. Some how, when ever we smoke with new people, that story comes up. Now NO ONE lets me drive. I only got one person to ride with me since then, and that only took a lot of work to get him to let me drive. I would love to get a high like the first time I smoked, but I doubt it. That's why I will always remember the first time I got stoned.

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