Favorite stand up comedian!!

Discussion in 'General' started by blazers4005, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. Post some of the best stand up from hilarious comedians.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DV-NV0rk1Zc]YouTube - Nick Swardson- Smoking Pot[/ame]

    Nick Swardson is hilarious.
  2. Mike Birbiglia, hes so fucking funny.
  3. Louie CK
  4. Christopher Titus and Daniel Tosh are pretty funny to me

    Dane Cook is one of the worst stand up comics in history
  5. Russel Peters was my favorite a little while ago but I haven't really lisened to much stand-up lately.
  6. :eek: Are we the only one's who noticed this? If there ever was someone who embodied the word asshole and is the epitome of douche bag, it's that fucker.

    . . Your jokes aren't funny
  7. George Carlin:cool:
  8. This is probably the 69th 'favorite stand-up comedian' thread on this forum..
  9. Katt Williams, Robin Williams and Gabriel Iglesias
  10. Carlin for sure.

    Comedic genius.

  11. Cedric the Entertainer is good, not my favorite but I can't think of any others.

    Dave Chappelle, we need you back. :bongin:
  12. Lewis black is easily my favorite.
    Dane cook used to be funny, now he is just rediculus
  13. I've watched quite a bit of stand up comedy.. (admittedly I have yet to find any George Carlin :p)

    But the only one I've laughed the entire way through is Nick Swardson.

    He is definitely one of the funniest dudes around right now. :D
  14. you´re not alone


    top comedian at the moment is pablo francisco (although some of his impressions can become annoying)
  15. so true dane cook ever since he got buff suxs ass.

    Mike Birbiglia is pretty funny to probably my second favorite.
  16. i have one of pretty much every race. its weird an unintentional.

    gabriel iglesias
    dat phan
    katt williams
    russell peters
  17. Bill Bailey
    Reginald D. Hunter
    Al Murray
  18. Daniel Tosh's standups funny as hell.
  19. George Carlin
    Katt Williams
    Pablo Fransisco
  20. George W. Bush?

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