Favorite "South Park" episodes

Discussion in 'General' started by blazed420, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. I absolutely love south park

    perfect stoner entertainment

    Whats your favorite episode?

    Eric cartman entering the special olympics was probly my fav.
  2. when cartman buys the other kids pubichair and then trys to get a refund. I about shit myself i was laughing so hard.
  3. The one about the gingers omg that one was hilarious.
  4. My favorite is either the one where chef tries to change the South Park flag, or the one where they have the civil war re-enactment.
  5. probably the one i'm watching right now the little league one, or the whale episode that one was funny
  6. All southpark owns, but my fav episode is when cartman keeps singing "sailin away" so hilarious!!
  7. not really a sp fan anymore...it's kind of run it's course and should just phade into glory.... anyway, my fave is episode #316 (i belive) when the mongolians kidnap the boys and the dude that runs the city wok builds a wall and all hell breaks loose
  8. Im not a huge Sp fan, The rapper yes, The show naa. But i watch if often when im up at night, Drunk and high like now.

    My favs got to be where timmy and the other slow kid join the 'Crypts' (Crips).

    I like Family Guy much better.

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  9. There alll great. I love the "proper condom use" one and the pubes one, and well there all good!!

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