favorite songs by MGMT or RADIOHEAD

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  1. haha, theres gotta be a shitload of other mgmt fans and radiohead fans, and right now i am obsessed with both bands.
    so post yuor favorite songs
  2. MGMT: I'm not the biggest fan of, but can rock out to "Electric Feel" like everyone else.

    All I Need
    Anyone Can Play Guitar
    Bulletproof... I Wish I Was
    Backdrifts (Honeymoon is Over)
    Everything In Its Right Place
    House of Cards
    Thinking About You
  3. dont listen to much radiohead, but i am a huge mgmt person.

    ill start off the list will be the two obvoius ones:
    ~electric feel
    ~time to pretend
    moving on...
    ~kids (also pretty well known, but not like the two above)
    ~future reflections
    ~weekend wars
    ~of moons, birds, & monsters
    ~the handshake
  4. k this is my little list since you guys made lists :D

    -pieces of what!
    -electric feel
    -time to pretend
    -hot love drama
    -of moons, birds & monsters
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIUJLP7ZtDs]YouTube - MGMT - Pieces Of What (Live Jools Holland 2008)[/ame]

    -karma police
    -paranoid android
    -high and dry
    -my iron lung
    -jigsaw falling into place
    -15 step
    -house of cards
    -all i need
    -the drugs dont work
    -nice dream
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NlQhgdVsuI4]YouTube - Radiohead - Karma Police (Live on Letterman)[/ame][ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9xklAMMG5w&feature=related"][/ame]
  5. electric feel is a good song

    for radiohead i like a lot of thier shit...paranoid android, karma police, high and dry, no surprises..etc...
  6. MGMT is amazing. Look at my avatar :cool:

  7. thats siiick :)

    an im listening to metanoia right now and its just heavenyly
  8. MGMT: Electric Feel.

    Planet Telex
    Bulletproof...I Wish I Was
    Let Down
    Climbing Up the Walls
    No Suprises
    Kid A
    In Limbo
    I Might Be Wrong
    Like Spinning Plates
    There There
    I Will
    All I Need
    Jigsaw Falling into Place
  9. The Drugs dont work is actually a song by The Verve
    another really great band :)

    Unless theres a Radiohead song with that same title that ive never heard of before.
  10. Yeah I love both these bands and i just discovered a new one kind of like MGMT called Passion Pit. Check them out if you haven't yet cause im listening to them right now and its amazing.

  11. oh shit haha. well i was downloading some songs by radiohead offa limewire, and "the drugs dont work" was one of them. thom yorke does sound a little diffeerent in that song, which i guess is probly cause that isnt him singing haha. thanks for the heads up ;)

    and ill be checking out passion pit, thanks streetlightWOAH aha

  12. you gotta be careful with p2p programs. people tag badly.
  13. Of Moons Birds and Monsters is a great song by MGMT in case anyone is interested.
  14. This is very True. I am playing it right now.
    As far as Radiohead goes: Life In a Glass House (because I want to live in a glass house!) Love this song.

  15. whats funny is radiohead doesn't perform the drugs don't work its actually by another band called the verve. But its still one of my favorite songs very depressing lyrics. I like no suprises by radiohead and sail to the moon

  16. yeah ballparkmanatee mentioned that, i downloaded it off limewire and it was under radiohead. oh well, haha. it is a good song either way :)
  17. really dig both.

    MGMT = kids. sometimes i don't even realize i'm humming it, until i do.

    Radiohead = most anything from Kid-A but probably idioteque if i had to choose 1.


    slight hijack sorry :eek: - but hey if you guys like this style of music, i just just posted a link to an indie mix i just made for my girl... some pretty cool relatively new tracks.

    here's the thread.
  18. radiohead:

    talk show host
    karma police
    my iron lung
    jigsaw falling into place
    paranoid android
    street spirit

    weekend wars
    of moons, birds and monsters

    (not a huge mgmt fan)
  19. kids and proves yourself
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    I'm listening to this MGMT song right now, its there older stuff but I like it the most

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lomHHUUdozc]YouTube - MGMT - We Don't Care[/ame]
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fAG-0ozqevc"]YouTube - MGMT - Money To Burn[/ame]

    I'm also listening to the band Ra Ra Riot, they are also really good.

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