Favorite song while faded?

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by 420skils, Jun 20, 2002.

  1. What is your favorite song to listen to while stoned?

    Mine would be Master P - We Riders for rap, and rock would be Nonpoint - Mindtrip

    Music kicks ass high
  2. I like the doors, personally.
  3. Fourth of July, by Soundgarden
  4. anything by the cash money millionaires

    their fucking beats own when you're baked even if you don't care for the lyrics when you're sober
  5. Any Bob Marley stuff is great.
  6. it depends on what kind of mood i'm in. but a few days ago we went out to this waterfall to smoke. and on the way back from there we were blaring weezer (the first cd) and it was awesome. the guitar riffs were nuts. but other than that, punk, incubus, dave and many others. peace.
  7. Roll it up light it up smoke it up by Cypress hill and without me by eminem the begining bass is the shit when your in a car that pounds
  8. Depends on my mood i usally listen to canibus or the beatles but like i said it depends on my mood.
  9. I like to listen to music when im high, I get so pumped up it makes me wanna kick my dog in the face.
  10. moby is great. especially from his new album, the song "in my heart".


  11. no he is not :p :D

    P.S. I like to listen to primus, 311, jimmies chicken shack, Incubus (there old stuff, when they were still underground) bob marley, ziggy marley, dread zepplin (not led zepplin), oysterhead, kottonmouth kings, phunk junkeez, dilated peoples, agents of good roots, boy hits car, Mr. Bungle, eek a mouse, king crimson, les claypool and the fearless flying frog brigade, les claypool and the holy mackeral, red hot chilli peppers (the old funky stuff), P-funk, sausage, steel pulse, sublime, too rude, victor wooten, stanly clarke, matt garrison, stu hamm, bootsy collins, long beach dub allstars, simon has no pants, the gap band, the commodores, peter tosh, and the list goes on. theres many more I cant think of. :)
  12. moby is the shit when you're high
  13. Jeff Wayne`s War of the Worlds
  14. Latin Music while stoned and don't know any spanish.
  15. as i said in another thread, i like incubus alot. also some bands that i listen to alot are: 311, phish, beatles, atmosphere, chilly peppers, foo fighters, modest mouse, and many many more. if i'm really stoned i get down to some funky folk or something. haha :smoke:
  16. ANYTHING TOOL, those guys are such a trip.
  17. the entire pink floyd album dark side of the moon. certain rap songs...and several beatles albums. sgt. pepper, abbey road, and others kick ass, but i'm too stoned to think of them.
  18. bathtub gin by phish
  19. Without a doubt it would have to be anything by the white stripes.
    311, Avril, David Grey, Gavin Degraw, Green day, staind, sevendust, jimi
    I guess it all depends on my mood.

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