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Favorite song to listen to while smokin...?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Leafsfan81, Aug 6, 2007.

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  1. Sup, I\'m fuckin stoned so I thought I\'d start my very own useless thread... Best song ever to listen to is The Next Episode by Dr. Dre, with Snoop Dogg ... anything with Dre and Snoop is good. But I also like \"Because I Got High\" by Afroman, no matter how many times I listen to it I still laugh throughout. And it just sets the tone perfectly as you fire up a fat joint :D

    In fact, I think I might do that right now.
  2. walking on the sun - smash mouth
  3. Depends on a lot of things, when I\'m smoking out of a bong or not driving around with a few people and it\'s chill, Runnin\' by The Pharcyde is such a good song.
  4. i feel like dying by lil wayne, chiefin a blunt while listening to this song in my room is sooo cool.
  5. Also, Streets of New York by Kool G Rap is sick anytime, anywhere.
  6. all along the watchtower
  7. kottonmouth kings lol
  8. I dont have a favorite song but i have a favorite Jam; the Grateful Dead\'s closing of winterland arena, Sugar Magnolia ---> Scarlet Begonias---->Fire on the Mountain. A little bit of Dead-Lore; on the exact moment the went into Fire on th Mountain, Mt. St. Helen erupted .
  9. chamillionaires new mixtape --- messiah 3
  10. definetly Badfish by Sublime is my best song to listen to when high or not . just relaxing with evey part as close as perfect as possible.
  11. rocket queen- gNr
  12. itunes>top rated 300 of my fav. songs:)
  13. Other side, Red Hot Chili Peppers, feelin that right now.
  14. Hendrix, Airplane, Dylan.

    A little Dead in there aswell never hurts ;)
  15. During: Us and Them - Pink Floyd
    Afterward as I\'m lying down: The first half of Ágætis byrjun - Sigur Ros(I shit you not, it feels as if you\'re floating down a tunnel)
  16. if smoking a bleezie gotta put on Total Devastation - Many Clouds of Smoke
  17. I love to listen to anything by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, or Sublime.. all really chill. Overall my favorite song would have to be either Otherside by Chili Peppers or All of my Love by Led Zep
  18. three little birds by bob marley. it just puts me in such a great mood and seems to intensify my high for some reason :confused: i don\'t care if it\'s placebo, it works :p :smoking:
  19. Alot of that music I can\'t listen to while smoking. It just seems too, Cleche. Like I\'ve smoked to that music way to much.

    My current faviorte right now has gotta be Deltron 3030, or Gorillaz.
    I can\'t have rock as smoking music anymore. Maybe I\'m just smoking too many blunts, but both of theses bands are real chill. Deltron especially if your a sci-fi fan, cauz Del can do shit like that.
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