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Favorite Snack While Stoned?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by n00dles, May 23, 2013.

  1. I LOVE comfort food (country style, mexican style, black) cereal, carnival food, also if you get the chance: try pickle flavored chips their fucking awesome. Well basically any food i already like is better stoned but what are your personal favorites that i should try? Make sure if your not from the US please specify where it can be found.
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    Every time I'm high cereal always manages to get eaten. Never fails.
  3. dorritos, fat sandwhiches (NJ thing), pizza, cheese puffs, its all amazing.
  4. a pizza and a 2 liter.
  5. Anything!!!
  6. Bagel Bites and Pomegranate Juice (The concentrated stuff).
  7. Doritos. Grapes. Pizza. Chips/Queso.
  8. Chinese food
  9. Im a pretty good cook, I wont lie I am an AMAZING cook haha, But when i get high I become this cooking show ultra amazing chef. I end up making these mini meals for me and everyone with me, and they are always the weirdest shit combined together that always tastes so good.

    Last night I made Latkes (potato pancakes) with gorgonzola on top, dusted with chili powder and hot sauce on top. It was SOOOOO fucking good.
  10. Yep, cereal. [: love it.
  11. This. Every fucking time. Honey bunches of oats with a huge scoop of peanutbutter right in the middle. And always some sort of chocolate. I love a chocolate candy bar after its been in the freezer for a bit.
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    Crunchy Cheetos a two liter of mountain dew and a large cheese pizza.
  13. warm brownies with French vanilla ice cream! ;)

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  14. Jalapeno Poppers
    Fudge Brownie Sundae
  15. Fuck yeah!! Where do u live? Takis are like just on the border hahah!
  16. I like to have me a bag of Chex-mix or Cheez-it's.
  17. Whenever I'm just hanging out at home, a nice bowl of bud is almost always followed by a nice bowl of ramen noodles, they're so easy to make, but you can add a bunch of shit, hot sauce, meat, veggies.
  18. i like fruit.  aids cotton mouth and tastes good.  same with celery.  i like to mix chopped up olives with cream cheese and top celery with it.  tasty as shit.
    if i'm looking for a meal, pretty much anything goes.
    the only thing i'm not the biggest fan of is sugary treats, but i crave ice cream occasionally.
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